Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

I got up twice during the night and then again about 6:15.  I finally woke/got up at 8:45.

Well, it’s obvious we’re not getting up early to go to Envigado.  Now she’s talking about going to Caldas early tomorrow for more foodstuffs.

I checked MBE and it still shows my Benefits Letter and magicJack Go are In Transit.

I started translating the results of my rectal exam.

I took a short nap from 1:30 to 1:45.  

At 2pm we started getting dressed to visit the neighbors.  Teresa wanted me to wear the nice white slacks I brought with me from the States but I told her they don’t fit me anymore.  She didn’t believe me until I tried them on and showed her.  I’ve been telling her she gives me too much food.  She said she would cut down on the rice and give me more fruits and vegetables.  She did get me to wear a long-sleeved shirt; after all, if need be I could come back and change into a short-sleeved one.

We left the finca at 2pm, walked up the path and into the neighbor’s yard.  Yes, the one with the killer dogs.  I told Teresa I was afraid of their dog and she said he would be enclosed and not to worry.  We walked through the gate they usually come out of and walked around to the front door.  The girl that had her first communion greeted us in a fancy dress with a hooped skirt like something out of Gone with the Wind.  Several people were sitting in chairs in the front yard.  I saw the killer dog on the other side of the lawn but I don’t think he saw me.  We went inside and Teresa introduced me to a few people.  We sat down on a coach and we were immediately given a cold glass of something similar to Hi-C.  I could see a lot of pictures of the communion girl so I could see her name is Maria Paulina.  She is a pretty girl and may be a beauty when she’s older.  I saw one specific picture where she was 7 years old and her smile reminded me of Charlize Therone.  She pulled the hooped skirt over her head and under it she had a smaller simpler dress.  The room felt very stuffy but we sat on a coach that was in front of a small fan so it was manageable.

Everyone was very nice to me.  The sister of the owner of the house got me up to dance with her.  They had a large 3 level cake and gave everyone at least one slice although it was on a napkin without a fork or spoon.  The Doberman walked around the house and sat in front of me at one point but didn’t pay much attention to me.

People started leaving at 4:30 and we left at 5pm.

We finished watching Donnie Darko and we both agreed it was a “so-so” movie.  We started watching Phenomenon but stopped at 9:30 and Teresa went to bed at 10pm.  I took my sleeping pill.  At 10:30 Laura came out and sat with me as I watched the last episode of The Bible.  I went to bed at midnight.

T-shirt of the day: Living, loving, laughing.

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