Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

I fell asleep quickly and only got up once at 4am.  A straight six hours sleep is pretty good for me.  I rested, but didn’t sleep again, partially from Luna and the other dogs barking, until about 6am when I saw light coming through edges of the shutters.  I woke/got up at 9:30 felling pretty refreshed.

Teresa called the doctor’s office and I understood we have to send an email requesting an appointment.  With Laura’s help she sent the request from my Yahoo email account.

Teresa got a call from Direct TV that we have to pay 59,400 today or they will cut us off this afternoon.  Apparently the bill went to Wilson’s apartment and we never heard about it.  And we have to pay another 143mil by December 10th.

Teresa wants to leave right away to avoid the afternoon rains.  I got dressed and ready to go and then she announced she had to shower first.
I tricked Peter into coming into the finca so Teresa could put a towel over his head and put him in the shed.

We left the finca at 1:30 and were challenged by the killer dogs.  I sprayed the Doberman and one of the others with my spray and they ran away.  The stuff was so strong that the 3 of us felt a little discomfort for a few seconds.  I think Teresa told me not to use it on them again.  We took a bus to Mayorca where I took a little cash out of a BBVA ATM.  Teresa checked her blouse in the tailer shop but something must not have been satisfactory because she left without it.

We took a bus to Envigado.  I saw one fast food restaurant that I thought had a clever name: A & P – Arepas Pronto.  When we were driving past Sabaneta I asked Teresa if they have hotels there and she said Yes so maybe my brother will find a place to stay there afterall.  We had lunch at Carbón de Leña across the street from Parque Envigado which is still under construction.  I saw this on their Menu of the Day board for 9,500 pesos:
Goulash mixto
Arroz blanco
Sopa de yoca o crema de apio
Torta de espinaca
Ensalada y bebida

So I had to try their goulash.  It and the 2nd soup that I ordered were very good although I knew I wouldn’t like the slice of spinach pie and neither did Teresa.  The goulash consisted of tasty, but chewy, small chunks of beef with peas and carrots.  Of course, the vegetables might not have been peas or carrots but some similar local vegetable.  The total came to about 25mil.
Teresa got a call from the Radiologist’s office and I understand my appointment is December 11th at 2pm and the cost is 1,300,000COP.  She tells me we will have to leave the finca at 7am in order to be there by 1:30, the half hour early that we’re supposed to be.

We walked around, asking various people, and finally found where we could pay the Direct TV bill.  There were about 7 people ahead of us in line but with 3 cashiers it was a short wait.

We walked to La Abuela Isabel (Grandmother Isabel) where Teresa and I shared an ice cream with brownie for 3,900.

We walked down to Wilson’s bar and Teresa chatted with him while I watched an Athletico Nacional soccer game.  We stopped at the apartment and Teresa picked up some of her shoes and clothes.

We waited until about 7:15 and then took a taxi to the highway and waited 15 minutes for an express bus to the finca.  Once again we saw 3 seats with notes on them that we weren’t allowed to sit in.  I understand that one person can get on the bus and then save seats for friends that will be getting on with them shortly.  A man knows he’s old when a young lady on a crowded bus gives you her seat so I guess at the age of 69 I’ve officially arrived.

We were at the side road by 8:05 so it was a fast trip back.  Walking past the killer dogs in the dark the Doberman came out and challenged us but perhaps the other dog has learned it isn’t worth it.  I was glad for his barking and snarling because otherwise he would have been able to just walk up and bite me because in the dark I couldn’t easily see him.

When I got back to the finca I found a private message from one of my blog readers regarding cancer treatment here in Medellin.  I’ll post the information, lightly edited, just in case others here might be able to take advantage of his experience.

Laura came home at 9pm.

I checked the pharmacy receipt and my package of 14 3mg Isoklon sleeping pills cost 66,700, so after I cut them into thirds each of the 42 portions will cost me 1,588 pesos.  So I can get a good night’s sleep for about 75 cents.  

At 10pm I took a sleeping pill and we went to bed at 10:45.

T-shirt of the day: Drink coffee.

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