Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Monday, November 27, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 10pm, got up once at 4:15, finally waking/getting up by alarm at 6:45. I was on my way to the toilet when Teresa says something to me. I picked out from the sentence the words I understood, “fire”, “oven”, “storage”, and “gas”. I just woke up and if this is something important she’s trying to tell me, and not just local news, then use your translator. She finally did and I understood she smells gas so she wants to go to the basement storage and retrieve the (portable) oven. That was crazy enough, then when I said “go” her story changed from she’s going to she wants me to go. Forget that! I said if you’re so afraid of gas let’s have breakfast in Los Porte├▒os. A few minutes later, after I completed my usual morning routine, I went into the kitchen, everything seemed normal so I turned on a gas burner, it didn’t explode, and life continued as usual. ­čśŐ

Teresa’s going to the gym, then getting a manicure and pedicure so we’ll probably meet up for lunch in La Bahia.

I completed my workout in Smartfit, reducing the weight for my bicep curls from 75# to 50# which allowed me to tire my bicep. On the treadmill I changed my routine also, walking 15 minutes at the 3 miles per hour rate. I showered and changed there and walked the 2-3 blocks to Los Porte├▒os where I had my usual latte with a side of water. I continued going through my new chess book, The Amateur’s Mind. There’s some kind of construction, a creche?, going on in the park right outside the restaurant.

I left at 12:15 and returned to the apt, awaiting Teresa’s call to go for lunch.

I texted her at 1:30 I was hungry and I was planning on walking to La Bahia hopefully to meet her there soon.

She called me back and something about her nails still drying and I should have lunch on my own.

I pretty quickly got a table in Asado Rogelio and placed my usual order. The waitress gave me a bowl of frijoles and I took my time working on that hoping my plate would come with the rice so I could combine them. When the plate arrived it also had frijoles on it and the waitress apologized. I did a pretty good job of finishing most of my plate, just skipping the strip of plantain and a few frijoles.

Across the street I tried again to pay the Tigo/Une bill at Gana but was told they don’t have service. (I’ll try to pay it tomorrow at Unicentro after my games with Jose.)

I returned to Los Porte├▒os where I had another latte (ugh) with a glass of water and continued my studies. I left about 3:30 and returned to the apt.

I had a nap in the guest bedroom from 4pm to 5pm, preparing myself for the long night of Monday Night Football, featuring the Bears at Vikings.

I ordered the paperback Becoming by Michelle Obama for my daughter’s 25th birthday present.

I ordered an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader for myself for $144.99 but it only cost $15.11 using my accumulated gift cards.

Glenn texted me his hernia surgery has been cancelled and he’ll explain at breakfast next Sunday.

I have a bag of microwave popcorn but I’m still  stuffed from lunch and it’s too late to have a Coke; I’ll probably just have a little cereal at halftime.

The final was Bears 12 Vikings 10; the Bears finally won their 4th game of the season. That’s their 2nd win in the last 3 games so maybe they’re improving. Next Sunday is a bye so their next game is December 10th against the Lions.

I went to bed at 11:20.



Monday, November 27, 2023

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 10pm, got up once at 4:15, again at 6:30, finally waking/getting up by alarm at 7:30.

Teresa’s going to El Tesoro. My plan for today is breakfast with Glenn, see Napolean in the afternoon, and catch the end of the Arizona game after that.

We’ll see how my stomach reacts this morning at breakfast.

I met Glenn with Bianca at Olivenza at 9am. His hernia surgery is scheduled for next Sunday, exact time and location TBD. (It’s his eye surgery that will be in a month.) He’s going to drop Bianca off at a pet daycare for a few days so it will be like a vacation for her. He suggested I buy a used iPad instead of a Kindle, but I’m not sure. I only had 1 latte today (seemed a little stronger than usual but was okay with ½ a packet of sugar), a glass of water and their calentao with scrambled eggs and a dinner roll. So, I probably won’t see Glenn next Sunday due to his surgery.

When I returned to the apt the door was open and Teresa was in the kitchen with a portero. Near as I can understand a hose from the hot water heater broke (exploded using Teresa’s word) so tomorrow she’ll have to go to the agency to see if we can get someone to replace it. (The other hoses are just as old so my opinion would be to replace all of them.)

I understand Adriana is going to pick Teresa up to go to El Tesoro.

My new chess book covers an opening, the Dutch Defense, that I occasionally use when I’m playing the Black pieces. The problem is the book shows all the chess diagrams from the White viewpoint. I fired off an angry letter to the publisher, Everyman Chess, complaining about their blunder.

I left at 12:15 and took a Didi to the mall. I recycled a few items then bought a preferred IMAX ticket to Napolean for 21,700 pesos ($5.35).

I killed a few minutes until 1:45 then went upstairs and bought a small Only Roastbeef sandwich for 20,100 pesos ($5) and stuffed it in my tech bag. I forgot to allow for the fact it was Sunday so they were a little busy. Back downstairs I bought a Cine Combito and took my seat; I managed to finish my sandwich before the lights went off. At approximately the 1 hour mark I made a trip to the restroom. After I returned, I accidentally bumped my tray which sent most of my popcorn to the floor. Sigh!

The movie was interesting but nothing special. Lots of fighting but you often didn’t know who was fighting whom.

When I left, I made an ATM withdrawal before returning to the apt by taxi.

I was lying on the recliner when I thought I smelled a skunk.

Teresa returned at 8:45pm.

I went through my usual pre-sleep routine of reading, this time studying my chessbook.



Sunday, November 26, 2023

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 9:15. Another long night. I’m not sure if I fell asleep at all during the night. I’m sure I’m going to be needing a nap later.

I left the apt at 8:30 and my Didi driver seemed confused. It appeared he wasn’t able to get a GPS connection or something and I had to show him the address and he flailed around a little bit but I still arrived at Daniel’s barbershop on time. (Later I found he didn’t charge me for the ride. I’ll try to remember Edilson and his blue car so I can tip him next time.) There was another man in the barber chair and the floor was soon covered in black hair. The opposite of my haircuts where the floor is all white. After my haircut I ordered another Didi which had no problem picking me up and dropping me off at Todo Drogas.

My medicines came to 338,100 pesos ($83) of which 281mil ($67) are my 2 boxes of 500mg Citicolina supplements for brain health. So, all my real medications only cost $16. When I charged it, for the first time I was asked for my cedula number, not sure what that’s about.

I walked to Parva where I ordered a caf├ę con leche and a glass of ice water. The coffee was very strong; I think they messed up making it and the ice water had a piece of aluminum foil in it.

On the way back to the apt I confirmed that the Tienda D1 on the side street IS still open. I also stopped at Ara as requested and bought lettuce.

I caught the end of the Michigan Ohio State game, won by Michigan.

I started watching the series North & South (8.6) but the first episode seemed very amateurish so it may soon get dropped. (I just checked and I found the wrong version of that name.)

Teresa wants to go for patacones tonight but Accuweather predicts rain in 31 minutes, so we’ll see.

No rain appeared.

For supper we had patacones, bought pastries for the porteros and returned to the apt by taxi.



Saturday, November 25, 2023

Friday, November 24, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 10pm, quickly fell asleep, got up twice during the night, finally waking/getting up at 6:30.

Still no appetite but I was able to eat a normal breakfast.

I left the apt at 8:30 and bought a small box of pads and small package of throat lozenges in the Pasteur pharmacy. I found Bob, sitting at MY table, in Los Porte├▒os. I called him on it but he said he’d be leaving for the airport in about 20 minutes and I could take it. He described his experience at last night’s soccer championship, won by Atletico Nacional. At one point he got pushed down and bruised and said he’s lucky he didn’t break something. (He confessed to sitting in the south stands where the crazies reside. I was told when I first arrived 10 years ago, I’ve got to see a soccer match but NOT to sit in the south stands.) He soon left, heading back to Minnesota then to Peru and a trip up the Amazon. He might return in a few months.

Troyclough resigned our game, increasing my rating to 1574. This is the second time I’ve had an accuracy rating in the 90s, this time 92.5.

I left about 10:15 and returned to the apt.

Teresa and I left just after 11am and took a Didi to Clinica Las Americas. I got out at De Lolita while Teresa went into the clinic for her pills. My stomach felt queasy from the 2 coffees this morning so I just had a bottle of water while reading more of my new chess book.

Teresa returned an hour later and we walked over to Arkadia mall. We got in a short but slow line at Crepes & Waffles and finally accepted a less than desirable table near the entrance. I just had a small bowl of vegetable soup and we shared a bottle of water. I explained to Teresa we leave for our Christmas holiday a month from yesterday and I have until then to see 3 more Cine Colombia movies, or at least to purchase 3 tickets.

Teresa did a little shopping but I wasn’t feeling well…queasy stomach… so we went across the street to Pricesmart to see if they had any turkey breast. Nope.

Downstairs, there was only one person ahead of us for a taxi but we still had a long wait. Just outside the store there was a fender bender that probably slowed things down. We finally returned to the apt.

I fell asleep for a bit on the recliner while watching the beginning of the Black Friday football game. When I awoke, Teresa told me the portero called and there’s a package for me. I wasn’t expecting anything today but I went down and it’s the chess book I wasn’t expecting until next Friday.

I watched the movie Passengers (7.0) again. Jennifer Lawrence might not have liked it but I loved it.

I went to bed at 9:15. An important point to remember for tomorrow.



Friday, November 24, 2023

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 10pm, quickly fell asleep, got up once at 4:15, finally waking/getting up at 7am.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans out there.

Last night I had a weird dream that involved a public swimming pool, an orgy, and huge platters of food. Near the end of the dream a guy came in with a present so it must have been a birthday party. When he went to get something to eat, I looked inside the present and it was just photocopies of crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles.

I feel back to normal this morning but still don’t have an appetite. I just had my usual half bagel and scrambled eggs but without coffee.

I’m a little weak from lack of fuel but still don’t really have an appetite.

I left the apt at 9:45 and stopped at the Otra Parte patio but the tables weren’t set up. (About an hour later 5 ladies with their yoga mats came into the caf├ę so that explains why the patio was empty.) I had a latte in the caf├ę while rereading the section of my book I read yesterday, this time with a yellow highlighter.  I left at 11:30, stopped in Ara and bought a few things before returning to the apt.

I watched the Packers vs Lions and Cowboys vs Commanders games on their local channels using MTV.

Teresa informed me she has to pick up her pills tomorrow at Clinica Las Americas so I’ll go with her and after we’ll have lunch as usual in Arkadia.

I finished reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.



Thursday, November 23, 2023

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 9:30, quickly fell asleep, woke up at 1:45, 3:30, and 5:30, finally waking/getting up at 7am.

It was 60 years ago that President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember I was in high school walking through the cafeteria to another class when I first heard the news.

I still don’t have an appetite. I’m feeling a little overheated though. I’m skipping gym today until I get my strength back. I also have dry mouth, feeling the constand need to drink water.

I left the apt about 9am and stopped at the Gana kiosk to pay the Tigo/Une bill. I showed the lady the bill on my cellphone and she wrote on a note, “no tengo debuelve”. I entered it into my translator then changed the “b” to a “v” in her note and handed it back to her and she agreed. I don’t know exactly what that means (she can’t issue a receipt?) except I can’t pay it here - at least not today. I went across the street and had a few chess pages printed at the Bancolombia window.

I continued on to Los Porte├▒os where I had a latte with my usual glass of ice water. Not I can tell my voice is a little horse. Bob Hamilton came by and explained he’s been busy taking dance lessons and we’ll get together soon to play chess. He then sat down with a young man at the other side of the patio. I wasn’t feeling very well from the coffee so I left at 11:30 and returned to the apt.

Teresa apparently dropped her cellphone as she showed me her cracked screen. I had told her she should get a protective case for it.

I cancelled my meeting with Marcos for coffee tomorrow and for dinner with Glenn because I don’t know if I’m going to be feeling better and I wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute to cancel.

I started watching the series Castle (8.1). In the first episode I was surprised at a poker table scene when I saw author James Patterson, one of my favorite authors, sitting there.

It’s 8:30 at night and I’m starting to feel more normal. We’ll see if it continues.



Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Last night I went to bed at 9pm, quickly fell asleep but woke up at midnight with acid reflux. I took a Tums and switched to sleeping on my left side but it didn’t work. I got up and moved to the recliner so I could sit up. Eventually I fell asleep, got up at 3:30 and moved back to bed. My alarm went off at 6:30 and I texted Jose I’d better skip chess today. I quickly fell back asleep and was awakened again just after 8:30 by a Claro robocall. I turned it off and got up.

I still don’t have an appetite but I did manage to eat most of my breakfast.

I had a nap from 10:15 to 11:30 so I’m not totally recovered yet.

I finally had a BM, hoping that might be the final key to my case of the Blahs.

I still don’t have an appetite.

I received confirmation from Amazon that my chess book has shipped with an expected delivery of Friday, December 1st.

I checked Accuweather and it predicted rain in 20 minutes that would last 8 minutes. I wasn’t timing it but that’s about what happened.

Basically, I just vegged out on the recliner the rest of the day.

I did watch the replay of Monday Night’s football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.