Sunday, August 18, 2019

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 11pm, got up once at 4:30 (Teresa was in bed), and finally woke/got up at 7:30.  Teresa told me she returned to the apt at 2am but I didn’t hear anything.

I left the apt just before 9am and walked to downtown Envigado where I had breakfast at Carbon de Leña.  I walked through the park and got on an Envigado bus that had just arrived.  I know they sit there for a period of time and today I figured out when they decide to leave.  When the next Envigado bus arrives (rounds the corner) this bus leaves.

As I got on, all of the aisle seats were taken so I went to the back of the bus and sat alone in the middle seat of the back row. A little while later a threesome got on and made their way to the back of the bus. I moved over one allowing them to sit together in the back. I had my right foot on a horizontal bar when the bus stopped and the door opened pinning my foot between the door and a vertical bar. I actually had to turn my foot vertically to allow it to fit without getting smashed. It was pinned between the door and the bar until everyone entered the bus and the driver closed the door. Obviously, I removed my foot from that horizontal bar.

I got off at Parque Poblado and walked upstairs to Envios Market.  I was surprised to find Nobraskja there; I thought maybe she had been fired as I hadn’t seen her in weeks.  She told me her mother and father arrived from Venezuela so she took some time off to show them Medellin (which they love).  She gave me my August Chess Life magazine, my September Reader’s Digest and a package which I soon figured out to be the 2 jars of Mineral Ice I had ordered for Teresa.

I walked up Avenida Poblado to the Banco Caja Social building expecting to find an ATM machine inside but there’s nothing but construction.

Outside I caught an Envigado bus and I got off at the Esso gas station and walked down to Parva where I had a small café con leche.  Teresa called and asked me to stop at Exito and buy milk, a head of lettuce and a bottle of Clorox on my way back to the apt.
I was back at the apt just before noon.

Teresa showed me a problem in the guest bathroom.  After you flush the toilet and the tank refills there is a ringing sound like an old-sytle alarm clock.  I got my flashlight and removed the top of the tank and the guts looked similar to what we have in the States except there was a plastic thingy about the shape of a padlock with horizontal grooves or louvers on each side.  Of course, Teresa said not to touch it.  I asked her what it was and I understood she said it was something to make it smell better that the previous owner installed.  I’m pretty sure it’s been there for years, forgotten, and it doesn’t smell anymore so I reached in and pulled it out and handed it to Teresa to dispose of.  I flushed the toilet again and the ringing sound quickly changed my attention from inside the tank to under it.  I saw a round “thingy” encircling the pipe that usually attaches to the wall but it was just hanging there.  On the next flush I discovered that after the toilet fills, the inlet pipe appears to shake probably due to water and air coming through and the vibration causes the round thingy to shake making a ringing sound.  Instead of trying to remove the round “thingy” I think I’ll buy a container of PlayDoh for $1-$2 and put it around the pipe and stick the “round thingy” to it and it should harden and stop “ringing”.  That’s my theory anyway.

I finished reading The Week magazine that Jim & Kathy (Kathi?  Cathy?  Cathi?) Squires from Texas gave me.  Now I’m trying to solve the crossword puzzle in the back and slowly making progress.

Since Teresa only slept from about 2am to 7am she took a nap after lunch.  I tried to also but I couldn’t fall asleep.

Today was another beautiful day where we didn’t even hit 80 degrees.

Teresa took a nap from about 1pm to 4pm, probably because of her missed sleep last night.

Just after 4pm I had just asked Teresa if she wanted to go out somewhere for dinner tonight and then it started raining.

I love my new cellphone.  I have more space to download and store apps.  It is better at determining when I have a wifi connection available and if not it switches to my 4G plan.  The battery seems like it will last for 1-2 days without a recharge and recharges in just a few hours.

Today I renewed my driver’s license online and it should arrive here in the next month or so.

I watched Season 8, episode 12 of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

We ordered chicken wings delivered for supper.  We each get a box of 6 chicken wings with choice of sauce, about 20 French fries and a 250mil bottle of Coke, delivered with tip for 33,900 pesos (less than $11).

6,270 steps today.

Joke of the day
Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. 
One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old pump organ, the young minister noticed a cut-glass bowl sitting on top of it.
The bowl was filled with water. In the water floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist. 
"Miss Beatrice", he said. "I wonder if you would tell me about this?" pointing to the bowl. 
"Oh, yes" she replied, "isn't it wonderful? I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground."
"The directions said to place it on the organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease. Do you know I haven't had the flu all winter?"

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 10:45.  I had some discomfort in my upper back and I just couldn’t find a comfortable position.  I got up and took a Dexibuprofen and went back to bed and 5 minutes later the pain went away and I was soon asleep.  I slept throught the night and woke/got up at 7:30.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the Today show then left for the gym.  I gave Marcos the June Reader’s Digest that I had finished reading.  I completed all my exercises in 90 minutes.

I picked up a Gente newspaper from the portero.

Teresa called me at 12:05 just after I got out of the shower.  She wants me to meet her at her mother’s apt to meet her aunt then we’re going for lunch at La Bahia before going grocery shopping.
The temp was only 77 degrees and according to my Accuweather app that should be our high for the day so I put on jeans and a t-shirt.

I arrived at MT’s apt about 12:30 and right away understood that I was mistaken about some things.  MT’s 90 year old sister (tia) passed away and MT looked like she just woke up.  Teresa and I went to La Bahia where we had a nice lunch for 25,500 pesos.

Jose Cruz called and he asked for my advice regarding the best ATM to use and how to call the US.  He also mentioned that in the past tournament a 1600+ rated player with the Black pieces defeated a 2000+ rated player in 7 moves.  I have to see that.

We went across the street to Exito where we quickly caught a taxi to Mayorista.  I helped Teresa find a few things then I made a trip to the restroom and went outside for a café con leche.  After awhile Esmeralda arrived, she went inside to find Teresa and it started raining lightly.  A breeze soon carried the rain a little too close so I went inside also.  The rain soon stopped and I went back outside.  Teresa soon was at the checkout counter and I paid for the groceries and an effectivo car took us back to the apt for 10mil.

Teresa said something about Esmeralda and MT and Avenida Ochenta and I reminded her I have a football game tonight at 6:30.  I think I got out of that.

About 4:15 it started raining again but it didn’t last long.

Among new US movie releases there isn’t anything I want to see.  Locally, Fast & Furious and Crawl (6.6) are playing in Viva Envigado but only dubbed in Spanish.  The Art of Racing in the Rain (7.3) might be a possibility because it’s only playing at 8:55pm, a showtime Teresa seems to love.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (8.3) is playing at 5:40 and 9pm. 

Teresa left to get her hair done but a couple hours later she returned without any work having been done on her hair.  I think she got some eye makeup done, however.

I watched the Bears lose to the NY Giants.  Oh well, it's only preseason and few of the starters are playing.

I had Whatsapped Jose Cruz with the cellphone number he had given me years ago on a business card.  I got no response so I sent him an email.  He answered but a different phone number showed up as +1 meaining it was a USA number.  We traded texts and chatted and I understand he thought Tigo/Une put a new Colombian Sim card in his phone after he arrived in Colombia.  I told him he’d better check that out with Tigo/Une.  I finally concluded that it is possible he has 2 Sim cards in his phone but he doesn’t have them “directed” to the correct service.

I went to bed at 11pm and Teresa was still waiting to hear from Wilson with whom she was supposed to go to the cemetery.
8,031 steps today.

Joke of the day
Four guys have been going on the same fishing trip for many years. A few days before the group’s annual departure date, John’s wife puts her foot down and tells him he isn’t going. John’s fishing buddies are very upset that he can’t go, but what can they do?
Two days later the three get to the camping site to find John sitting there with his tent set up, firewood gathered, dinner cooking on the fire, and drinking a cold beer.
“Heck John, how long you been here, and how did you talk your missus into letting you go?”
“Well, I’ve been here since last night. Yesterday evening, I was sitting in my recliner when my wife came up behind me, put her hands over my eyes, and asked, “Guess who?”
I pulled her hands off, and there she was, wearing a nightie.
She took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, where she’d lit candles and put rose petals all over the place, looked like something out of a movie. 
Well, she’s been reading 50 Shades of Grey or something. On the bed she had handcuffs, and ropes! She told me to tie her up and cuff her to the bed, so I did.
And then she said, ‘Honey, you can do whatever you want.’
So, boys, here I am!”

Friday, August 16, 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Last night I skipped taking my Dexibuprofen, went to bed at 10:30 and fell asleep quickly.  I was awakened at 6am after Teresa looked at my watch and then dropped it back on the mattress.  Sigh!

I have a little soreness this morning so I took my Dexibuprofen.

I left the apt at 8:30 and walked to the mall.  I had a café con leche at Habia Una Vez and Jooks (Glenn) soon joined me.  He had a coffee and croissant.  We chatted for awhile and then moved to Todo Fresa which was slightly quieter.  He had another coffee and I had another café con leche with an almond croissant.  He seems to be doing well in Sabaneta.  One thing I learned from him is that I should get one of those Capital One credit cards as I won’t be charged the 1% that I pay USAA.  Hmmm, that might be worth exploring.

We said goodbye, I dropped off a used AA battery for recycling and walked back to the apt.  I arrived at 11:40 and Teresa came back from the gym 10 minutes later.

I spent most of the afternoon watching a series of dumb movies.

We left the apt at 7:30 and as we entered the guardhouse I noticed a 10-year old boy wearing a Chicago Bears t-shirt.  Luckily, I was wearing mine and I pointed that out to him.

We took a taxi to Antica pizza where I had a slice of vegetarian pizza and Teresa had 2 slices of shrimp pizza.

We were back at the apt just after 9pm.

5,769 steps today.

Joke of the day
The nurse asked a patient to remove his clothing and put on a gown to be checked by the doctor.
"In front of you?" He asks shyly.
The nurse says: "Well no, but I've seen the naked human body before.
The man said, "Not one like mine. You'd die laughing at my naked body."
"Of course I won't laugh," said the Nurse to the patient, "I'm a professional. In over twenty years I've never laughed at a patient.”
"Okay  then," said the patient, and he proceeded to  drop  his trousers, revealing a huge male body with the smallest  adult male organ the Nurse had ever seen in her life. In length and girth it was almost identical to an AAA battery.
Unable to control herself, the Nurse tried to stop a giggle, but it just came out.  And then she started laughing at the fact that she was laughing.  Feeling very badly that she had laughed at the man's private parts, she composed herself as well as she could. 
"I am so sorry," she said, "I don't know what came over me. On my honor as a Nurse and a lady, I promise that it won't happen again. Now, tell me, what seems to be the problem?"
"It's swollen," Bob replied.
She ran out of the room. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 10:30, quickly fell asleep, woke up once during the night but didn’t get up, quickly fell back asleep and woke/got up at 7:45.  Wow!

I watched the first 20 minutes of the Today show.  I made the mistake of sitting on the couch (somehow incorrectly) and when I got up my back was a little sore.  I took ½ an Excedrin and walked to the gym.  I ran into Marcos and I got his cellphone number and added it to my contacts.  Teresa was leaving with a girlfriend and said they are going to Aymara for coffee.  I completed all my exercises in a little over 90 minutes.

Teresa got a call from the muchacho, Don Miguel, who reported he won’t be finishing the garden today.  Teresa already made herself fish for lunch so I’m on my own today and again tomorrow.

I left the apt at 1pm and walked to Empire’s NY pizza.  There were no customers and I sat down at one of 3 outside tables.  After a 2-minute wait I got up and I noticed a cook back in the kitchen as I walked by.  I walked to Papa John’s where I always enjoy their A/C.  I ordered my usual Pomodoro individual pizza and a large Coke and sat at one of the front tables because the booths in back were just too cold.

Outside I quickly caught a Sabaneta bus to downtown Envigado.  I walked to the ATM where I withdrew some cash.  I stopped in Bancolombia about 2:30 but Chuck wasn’t there.

I went to Cotrafa where I paid the utility bill.  At Todo Drogas I bought a couple more packages of Dexiburofen.

I stopped in the copy center where I printed out a chess page and bought a couple of large plastic storage envelopes for Teresa.

I walked down the hill to the mall where I picked up my old repaired gym shoes for a total of 35mil.

I went into Cine Colombia where I bought a medium café con leche at Juan Valdez.  I spent some time downloading and setting up some apps.  At one point I heard some loud music coming from the next table.  I was thinking “well, at least you could turn it down” when I realized it was coming from my new phone.  It was Teresa, my first call, asking me to pick up a couple apples at Exito on my way back to the apt.

I dropped off an empty pill container and received a coupon good for a 10% discount at Americanino which I later gave to Teresa.

I walked back to the apt.

Teresa is afraid the medicine I continue to take could damage my kidneys.  A little googling found:
The safety of NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, has been reviewed regularly by authorities in the EU over the past few years. Reviews carried out in 20052006, and 2012 confirmed that NSAIDs as a class are associated with a small increase in the risk of arterial thromboembolic events (blood clots in the arteries) especially in patients with underlying heart or circulatory conditions or with certain cardiovascular risk factors, and particularly if used at high doses.
A class warning of this risk is already in place and the product information for all NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, recommends that these medicines be used at the lowest effective dose and for the shortest period of time necessary to control symptoms.
This latest review considered accumulated evidence which clarifies the cardiovascular risk related to ibuprofen taken at high doses and the interaction between ibuprofen at any dose and aspirin.
NSAIDs (Dexibuprofen) are safe for the liver (higado), but can cause a problem with kidney (riñon) function that is reversible if you stop taking them. Generally safe, but worth paying attention to.

I’m going to try to take it once a day instead of twice a day and see how that works.

I watched Season 8, episode 11 of The Walking Dead on Netflix.
I skipped taking a Dexibuprofen this evening so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

12,697 steps today.

Joke of the day
Mr. Smith goes to the doctor's office to collect his wife's test results. 
The lab tech says to him, "I'm sorry, sir, but there has been a bit of a mix-up and we have a problem. When we sent the samples from your wife to the lab, the samples from another Mrs. Smith were sent as well and we are now uncertain which one is your wife's. Frankly, that's either bad or terrible." 
"What do you mean?" 
"Well, one Mrs. Smith has tested positive for Alzheimer's disease and the other for AIDS. We can't tell which belongs to your wife." 
"That's terrible! Can we do the test over?" asked Mr. Smith. 
"Normally, yes. But you have an HMO, and they won't pay for these expensive tests more than once." 
"Well, what am I supposed to do now?"
"The HMO recommends you drop your wife off in the middle of town. If she finds her way home, don't sleep with her."

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 10:45, fell asleep quickly, woke up at 5:30, made a trip to the bathroom, had a drink of water, went back to bed, couldn’t fall back asleep and got up just before 6am.

I found out that Andres put my new SIM card in the Sim 2 slot and it took me a while to figure out how to open the cellphone and move it to the Sim 1 slot.  The phone also went dark after 30 seconds of inactivity and I had to find settings where I changed it to 5 minutes.  The biggest problem was getting into Play Store.  It asked me for my account information and neither of my email addresses would work with my usual passwords.  I finally saw a mention of gmail and I found my old gmail account and password and then it worked.

I downloaded some apps and then I had to find where Samsung stored the icons.  It’s a slow process but I’m making progress.

We left the apt at noon and arrived at the Itagui Nueve eps clinic 25 minutes early.  We were soon allowed in the back to the physical therapy area.  We waited while the physical therapist put 2 women on massage tables and attached electric electrodes to one’s feet and the other’s back.

We then sat with the therapist and she asked a number of questions, most of which Teresa answered.  I did hear her question our mattress but Teresa assured her that the doctor said it was okay.

The therapist gave Teresa a written note that I understand we have to take back to nueve eps and then we’ll get appointments for physical therapy.  As we were leaving the building we passed an old lady – in her 80s at least who was walking very slowly with a cane.  The incredible thing was she was wearing high heels.  It was unusual enough that Teresa even mentioned it.

Outside we had the menu of the day at a restaurant outside the Ocho Cero Ocho building for 21mil each – a little steep by Colombian standards.  (I remember when I lived in Laureles and would take the Circular Sur bus to Aguacatala and I saw them building this building.

We took a taxi to El Tesoro mall where Teresa returned a dress and bought another for 189mil.  We stopped at O’Cake where she had a glass of almond milk and I had a café con leche and we shared a slice of raspberry cheesecake.

We took a taxi back to the apt.

Teresa informed me that Julian called and he’ll finish with the garden tomorrow so Teresa will need to go tomorrow to check his work, pay him and lock the gate.

I’m getting my desired apps downloaded to my new cellphone and starting to add telephone numbers.

Chuck called and informed me that he’s having trouble getting his cash out of the bank to pay for his new apt.  Something about he set up his bank account a couple years ago and his passport expired so now his new passport doesn’t match his bank records.

Teresa told me she met with a friend from Argentina yesterday who invited us to visit and stay with them for a few days.  Interesting!

4,563 steps today.

Joke of the day
A minister was seated next to a cowboy on a flight to Texas. After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken.
The cowboy asked for a whiskey and soda, which was brought and placed before him.
Rather predictably, the minister looked upon the cowboy with scorn - he viewed alcohol as being the work of the devil.
Nevertheless, the flight attendant then asked him if he would like a drink. 
He replied in disgust, "I'd rather be savagely raped by brazen whores than let liquor touch my lips." 
The cowboy then handed his drink back to the attendant and said, "Me too. I didn't know we had a choice."

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 10:45, fell asleep quickly (with the bedroom fan on), woke briefly about 5am, woke up at 6am and got up at 6:30.

The audio on my laptop is working again.  Among new US movie releases I would like to see Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (6.6).  Locally, I would like to see Rapid and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (7.0) but it’s only playing at 9:40pm (in English) and that’s just too late for me.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the Today show and left for the gym.  I completed all my exercises in a little less than 90 minutes.  Amazing how the sets go faster when I don’t have a cellphone to look at.  Lol.

I was back at the apt by 11:10 and Teresa left 10 minutes later.  She is going to the finca to open the gate so the muchacho (Julian?) can start cutting back the jungle.  I believe it is a 3 day job and she will probably have to return on Wednesday or Thursday to check his work, pay him, and relock the gate.

I cooled down, took a shower, put on shorts and a light t-shirt and left the apt about 11:45.  I walked down the hill to Avenida Las Vegas and was surprised I had to wait at least 10 minutes to catch a bus.  I got off at Monterrey mall and found Cabala (local 163) at the far end of the mall.  According to my blog this is where I bought my Samsung Galaxy J5 cellphone 2 ½ years ago for 500,000 pesos.  A young lady working there took me a couple stores away and handed me off to another young man named Steven who spoke pretty good English.  He took me upstairs to Doctor Movil Play (local 201) where he showed me a Samsung Galaxy A10 for 434,700 pesos.  The phone looked nice but I didn’t care for the protective cases he showed me.  I asked Steven about a new Sim card and he explained that I should go to Claro and 1st ask them to transfer my cellphone number (my old Sim card 2 with the plan) to a new SIM card which will be my Sim card 1 (and only).  Second, I should register my new cellphone.  He took me to another store (Mac store?) on the 2nd level where I paid for it.  They didn’t have the Anker portable charger (Power Core 20100 or 10000) I was looking for but if this battery is that much better than the old one maybe I won’t need it. 

I walked back to the metro station where I caught a metro bus up to Parque Poblado.  By this time it was about 1:30 and I was getting hungry so I walked the 3 blocks to restaurant Aguacate where I had their menu of the day for 13,500 pesos under a nice outside umbrella table. 

I went to Envios Market and found the shop completely empty with a sign on the door.  It said they moved upstairs in the same mall to local 217.  I went upstairs and a janitor helped me find it.  I was given another Capital One credit card offer and a letter from BSI Financial.  I hope this is a temporary location because it’s cramped without any A/C.

I stopped at a nearby copy center where I printed my daughter’s flight itinerary.

I walked to Clinica Medellin where I withdrew a large number of 20s.

Back down the hill to Avenida Poblado I waited 5 minutes for a bus and finally said “forget this”.  A taxi pulled up and I took it.  The good news is he had the A/C on.  The bad news is I was sitting in the back but he aimed the louvers toward me and cracked it up a bit.  Traffic was crawling and we finally learned the reason – workers trimming trees had a lane closed down.  I got off at Premium Plaza mall and I tipped the driver 2,000 pesos for the A/C.

I went upstairs to the Claro office and at the number machine I didn’t know what option to choose.  A security guard took pity on me and guided me to Andres who spoke very good English.  (He said he spent a year and a half in New York.)  After confirming my identity (online questions like which of these banks do I have an account with in Colombia?  Easy, none!) for the old Sim card/cellphone, over the next 90 minutes he transferred my phone number/plan to a new Sim card, registered my new cell phone, put the Sim card inside and set the default language to US English.  The cost was a whopping 2,650 pesos.  (He also pointed out that the internal carrier, accessible from the side using a little pointy thing, has space for 2 Sim cards and a memory card.)  He also mentioned I could and should backup my cellphone data to Google Cloud.

Outside I stopped at a couple kiosks and finally found a protective case I liked for 30mil and a protective screen for another 30mil at a store named Dika.

Outside I was soon on an Envigado bus and it crawled for 40 minutes to Office Depot halfway up the Gold Mile.  (Strangely while still in the original box in a bag on my lap I felt the cellphone vibrate every 5 seconds.)  Inside I bought a ½” 3-ring binder (8,650) and a paper punch (33,500).  Back outside I mistakenly got on a Sabaneta bus and got the last seat right in front of the turnstyle.  Because of my height there was only 4” between my knee and the bar holding up the turnstyle that everyone had to pass between.  Even when the bus appeared to be full more people pushed their way on.  When we entered Envigado I was wondering if I was going to be able to exit the front of the bus when a young may sitting next to me got up and headed to the exit and I followed him.  By the time we squeezed to the back of the bus I saw Burger King outside the windows and pressed the button and miraculously got off at the bus stop right where I wanted to.  I was back at the apt by 6:05.

I took a shower, changed into jeans and left a note for Teresa and she arrived just as I was about to leave.  She told me she killed 3 bats in the loft area by hitting them with something I didn’t understand.  Apparently a window was left open which now is closed so she won’t have that problema again.  We discussed dinner and finally decided that I could continue with my original plan to go to Parva for coffee and she would stay and make fish for herself.

At Parva I had a large café con leche and postre de arequipe.  My cellphone said it was in Safe Mode, whatever that means, and it said it was updating apps but it seemed to take forever and it kept shutting down.  I did manage to figure out how to connect to their wifi and a waitress gave me their password.  I stayed about an hour and left with a pastel de guayaba for Teresa.

(Per google the A10 phone was launched in March of this year.  It has 32GB of internal memory (expandable to 512GB) and 2GB of RAM.  It includes a 13MP main camera and 5MP front camera.  One summary said “best camera quality, good battery life”.
I googled Safe Mode and turned it off and it finally loaded the default apps.

I received an email from Envios Market that was supposedly sent today at 12:57 pm informing me that I have a package waiting for pickup.  That would have been before I arrived there today about 1:30 but Gustavo didn’t give me any package.  Not sure if that was a mistake or not.  At least now I know the name of the mall is Multicentro Aliadas.

12,419 steps today.

Joke of the day
A young woman was preparing for her wedding.
She asked her mother to go out and buy a nice long black negligee and carefully place it in her suitcase so it would not wrinkle.
Well, Mom forgot until the last minute, so she dashed out and could only find a short pink nightie. She bought it and threw it into the suitcase. 
After the wedding the bride and groom enter their hotel room. The groom was a little self-conscious so he asked his new bride to change in the bathroom and promise not to peek while he got ready for bed. 
While she was in the bathroom, the bride opened her suitcase and saw the negligee her mother had thrown in there. She exclaimed, "Oh no! It's short, pink, and wrinkled!" 
The groom cried out, "I told you not to peek!"

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Last night I went to bed at 11pm, fell asleep quickly, got up once about 5am and woke/got up at 7:40.  Yikes!  I’ve got to be across town at the stadium in 100 minutes.

I showered, dressed, had a bowl of cereal and left the apt.  I walked down the hill and quickly caught a taxi.  I arrived at the chess league 8 minutes before the start.  I had the Black pieces against a young man rated 1436 and we played a version of the Sicilian defense.  He soon was attacking me and I fought bitterly to fight him off.  In the middle game I got my own attack going and he made a wrong move and I checked his king and picked up his rook.  He resigned on the 48th move.  Now, I’m 4-3 so at least I’m guaranteed of finishing 50% for the tournament.

It was 11:30 and the next round starts at 1pm so I walked to Tropical restaurant in Obispo mall where I had their menu of the day for 11mil.

I arrived back at the tournament 8 minutes before the start.  I had the White pieces against an unrated young man.  I played the English system and he was soon in trouble.  I attacked his queen again and again and then his king and he resigned on the 40th move.  So, I finished 5 wins, 3 losses and 1 bye.  With my supposed rating of 1667 I lost to a 1879, 1917 and an unrated.  I won against a 1460, 1436 and 3 unrated players.

Teresa was going to La Ceja with a friend today so I took a taxi to Viva Envigado.  I was hot so I went to Cine Colombia and after sitting in the Juan Valdez area for about 30 minutes I didn’t feel any cooler so I went into the Platinum area.  I was feeling better about 20 minutes later so I went down to Todo Fresa where I had a café con leche and an almond crescent roll.

I returned to the apt and Teresa was napping in the 2nd bedroom.  She woke up about an hour later and I gave her the good news – I won my last 2 games.  I would recommend we go out to celebrate but we’ve got all those leftover ribs.

With a score of 5-3 it appears the time I spent studying tactics and learning new openings is paying off.  I entered my games into my Stockfish chess database, had it analyze my games for blunders and made notes on my score sheets.  Now, I’ll try to forget about chess for a week or two.  I certainly have other things to do for awhile starting with buying a new cellphone.

Teresa was watching the news and at an aerial exhibition in Medellin today 2 soldiers fell to their deaths.  They were hanging on a rope from a helicopter with a Colombian flag.

Among new US movie releases…
Yikes, I lost the audio on my headphones.  I’m hoping it will be back tomorrow after I boot my computer.

I finished reading John Grisham’s The Whistler on my Nook.

8,789 steps today.

Joke of the day
An old man was eating in a truck stop when three bikers walked in. 
The first walked up to the old man, pushed his cigarette into the old man's pie and then took a seat at the counter.
The second walked up to the old man, spit into the old man's milk and then he took a seat at the counter.
The third walked up to the old man, turned over the old man's plate, and then he took a seat at the counter.
Onlookers were completely shocked at the men's behavior, but the old man didn't seem to be fazed in the slightest.
Without a word of protest, he quietly left the diner. 
Shortly thereafter, one of the bikers said to the waitress, "Humph, not much of a man, was he?" 
The waitress replied, "Not much of a truck driver either. He just backed his truck over three motorcycles."