Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

I felt I slept well last night despite getting up twice during the night and the dogs constantly barking at something.  Teresa said it was Luna barking at other dogs or animals.  We might have to lock her up every night in order to have some peace and quiet.

I got up at 8:30 and Teresa informed me that when I turned on the surge protector last night to recharge my iPad I also turned on the waffle maker so it must have been on all night.  Oops!  Next time I’m done using it I have to make sure I unplug it.

While looking at pictures of Medellin on my iPad I recognized the area where we were last Tuesday next to Plaza Mayor with the fountain, sand pit, and pool - they call it Barefoot Park.

I got another identical email from MBE at 10:35 last night so I’m sure they are computer generated every 3 hours.  I checked their website and I see the Estatus is still “Falta Valor” or “lacking value” so I also sent my letter of explanation to MBE using their email address of  Hopefully, that will satisfy their request.
I see all my pension deposits have been made for December.

Teresa brought down a few Christmas things from the loft storage area.
We took a nap from 1:30 to 3:30.

Laura left at 5:30.  I understood she will stay with someone in Envigado and return on Monday.

I told Teresa I’ve been saving the best movies for all 3 of us to watch together and I asked Teresa if Laura wasn’t interested in joining us.  Teresa told me not to wait for Laura to join us.

We started watching Sleeping With the Enemy.

At 6:30 a thunderstorm started coming through so we stopped the movie and unplugged everything.  Luna started scratching at the door, she’s afraid of the thunder and lightning, so Teresa let her and Tony in the house.  The storm seemed to have passed 20 minutes later.

We finished Sleeping With the Enemy and then we started Rain Man.  I wasn’t sure if she would have a problem with that because her first son was autistic.  Forty minutes into the movie she said she was very tired and needed to sleep for 5 minutes.  She napped twice for 10 minutes each and then felt better.

Later she told me more about her autistic son Sebastian.  He wouldn’t talk and would kind of slap the side of his head with his hands.  He couldn’t take the noise in Envigado which is probably why Teresa built the finca outside town.

I found my Internet Explorer browser wasn’t working right but luckily I didn’t seem to have trouble using Mozilla Firefox.  My virus protector kept giving me warnings about a virus named srptm.exe.  I tried to uninstall everything that I might have downloaded on 11/28/14.

I took my sleeping pill at 9:30, we locked up Luna in the shed, Teresa took her shower and put some things away and we went to bed at 10:30.

T-shirt of the day: Look at me now.

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