Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

I forgot to take my sleeping pill so it took a little while to fall asleep but I didn’t get up at all during the night.  Teresa got up about 7am to help Laura get ready.  I got up right after, took 2 Excedrin for a little pain behind my eyes, and went back to bed.  I got up at 8am feeling much better.

The dogs have been going a little crazy this morning; perhaps because of the tree trimming going on down by the highway.

Before meeting with Natalia, Teresa wanted to stop at Unicentro and talk to some gay man named Carlos about painting some of her furniture.  Luckily she called first and found out he doesn’t do that so we saved ourselves making an unnecessary trip.

I translated the following for Teresa to ask Natalia:
“I understand my medical insurance is to be paid on the 1st of every month.  Because the banks are so crowded on the 1st I usually pay the day before and send a copy of the receipt on the 1st.
Next month, December, the day before the 1st is a Sunday when banks aren't open.
The question I would like you to ask Natalia is:
How early or late can I make my monthly medical insurance payment?”

We left the finca at 11:15 for our meeting with Natalia so Teresa can talk to her about my medical insurance and possibly add herself and Laura to my policy.

We managed to get past the killer dogs undetected.  We didn’t see anyone clearing more brush away on the highway.  We caught an express bus to Aguacatala after only a 2 minute wait.  Unfortunately, on the way, Teresa remembered she left some documents she needs back at the finca so she called Natalia and rescheduled the meeting for next Monday, December 1st.  She has to call tomorrow to find out what time.

Instead she wanted to go to Unicentro but first we took the Circular Sur bus to Exito Laureles where we had lunch.  Teresa had her usual chicken Frischuleta at Frisby with juice for 20,200 and I had the sweet and sour chicken that they call Pollo Mandariyaki at Sarku for 16,500.  We left there about 1:30 and took a taxi to Unicentro for about 6mil.  Teresa met her friend Ana there at a store just outside the mall that sells artistic things for the home.  Teresa wanted to meet a gay man there but I understood the wrong one was there and the right one should be there on Saturday.  Teresa said she liked their things but they were too expensive.

After about 30-60 minutes we went into Exito where we each had a coffee, and Ana also a slice of cheesecake, for 16,703.

We took a taxi to Home Center for another 6mil where we bought 3 flower pots, 3 small batteries, a magnifying glass, and a small paint roller for 59,100.

We left at 4pm and took a Circular Sur bus to Aquacatala where we caught an express bus.  We got past the killer dogs undetected and were back at the finca by 6pm.

At 7pm I had a sandwich and cup of coffee.

I’ve been playing Words With Friends on my iPad with my son for the last few years and yesterday my daughter joined me in a game.  I won the first one.  She had a 40 point lead early in the second game but I just used all 7 letters with a TW score for a total of 87 to take the lead.

I have to mention that over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my arthritis has gotten worse.  I sometimes feel it in my wrists and my thumbs.  It isn’t often but all I have to do is move wrong and I feel a shot of pain.  I shared this with Teresa and she has a friend with arthritis and will get her doctor’s information.

Early tomorrow morning Teresa is going to Caldas with Laura to sign some school document for her vacation so I gave her 20mil to recharge my cell phone and another 20 to buy more eggs and dog food.

I watched another episode of Homeland.

I took my sleeping pill at 9:30 and we went to bed at 10:30. 

T-shirt of the day: I can’t focus it is too hot.

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