Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Last night I watched episodes 2 & 3 of Persons Unknown.  I’m not sure how long I will continue watching the series as it’s starting to get ridiculious.

I went to bed at 11pm, got up once during the night, woke up at 5:30 and got up at 6am.  As I walked past the little playground area next to the community center I saw Maria from the Tinto store in there playing with a beautiful huskie.  I was at the hotel at 7:05 and had to wait until 7:15 for them to have breakfast ready.

I waited about 20 minutes for a Laureles 191 bus (yep, I saw one pass as I was approaching the street) but I noticed a Santra Belen 316 bus pass by that listed El Hueco as one of its stops.  Today I got off at the stadium metro station and by the time I got to the Chess League I only had 10 minutes before the start time.  

This game was against an unrated player and I had the black pieces.  I was able to play my opening but I blundered on the 10th move and he got a free pawn, he had a better position and I hadn’t castled yet.  I held out until the 49th move.  His name is Juan Mejia and since he worked in New York for a while he spoke very good English.  He was working construction in Bogota but had a little accident and is presently on crutches.  He lives in Envigado and he invited me to join him next Sunday to watch the Superbowl at a Gringo restaurant that serves good barbecue.  (I could take the Circular 302 bus to the Aguacatala metro station, take the metro to Envigado and then take a taxi, if necessary, from there to the restaurant.  Since it would be late coming home I would probably just take a taxi.)

Today I didn’t see Brenda at all nor the woman who spoke English.  L
I wasn’t real hungry so I decided to just have a little street food for lunch.  I decided to walk around the stadium itself instead of the 4 square blocks it’s situated on.  There were a lot of little stands set up selling all types of food.  First thing I had a slab of pineapple for 1,500 pesos.  I was wondering if the stadium had a pool.  Hah!  It has an olympic pool, a syncronized swimming pool, an underwater pool, a diving pool, and pools for lessons.  In fact it has almost everything: a building for table tennis, softball field, roller skating area, numerous soccer fields (of course), sand volleyball, and a sunken “bowl” for kids to ride their bikes.  I’m sure I missed some things.
Next I had an empanda and a soda (grape, ugh) for 4 mil.  

Walking back to the Chess League I saw a large truck pull up and numerous police get out.  I also saw 11 horses with riders that were dressed like “rough riders”.  The area around the stadium was already barricaded off and I had to tell a policeman I was playing chess at the Chess League to get back in.  I had a Guanábana ice cream cone for 1,200 pesos and a bottle of water for 2,500.

My next opponent had a rating of 1600 so this is the game I really needed to win to finish ahead in points for the tournament.  I had white and played my usual opening but I ended up resigning on the 36th move.  While we were playing we heard a lot of those plastic horns being blown.  Today A/N is playing Medellin at 5:30 and people are already arriving.  When I finally left the Chess League at 3:30 I saw MANY police.  All men that came off the street were being frisked and ladies purses and other packages searched.  I saw 5 horses and riders at the corner near where I catch the bus.  Beautiful animals!  Lots of people were in the area walking around the stadium.  There are vendors selling food, A/N pennants and jerseys.  

After waiting at the bus stop for about 10 minutes a young man asked me in English where I am going and I told him Laureles.  He said he was going to Belen and the other woman to Laureles and did I want to share a taxi.  I told him I was in no hurry and I would rather wait a little longer for a bus.  I finally caught one about 15 minutes later.  

As the bus was driving south on Carrera 70 (Avenida Colombiano) the streets were packed with people (all in A/N jerseys) for the first 3 or 4 blocks.  Talk about tailgating; they really take their soccer seriously here.  This is 2 hours before game time, remember!

Dinner was a burger and medium milkshake at Burger King for 14,300.
Tonight I’m just going to take it easy and watch a movie or two.

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