Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Last night I watched the 2009 movie Queen to Play (IMDB 6.8) starring Kevin Kline on Netflix.  Here’s a summary:
On Corsica, Hélène ride her bike to a seaside inn where she's a chambermaid; on her afternoons off, she takes the bus to the next town to clean houses. One morning she watches a couple play chess on the veranda while she cleans their room, fascinated by them and curious if its chess that brings such intimacy. She buys her husband a set for his birthday; he's indifferent, so she tries to teach herself, at night, while he sleeps. She asks one of her clients, Dr. Kröger, if he'll teach her; he grudgingly agrees then finds she has aptitude. To her family, she's strayed beyond her class.
There were parts that were a little corny but at least the chess scenes were accurate.  And, per IMDB, Kevin Kline is fluent in French and I’m glad I used IP Changer or I don’t know what language I would have gotten my subtitles in.

I went to bed at 11, got up once during the night and woke/got up at 7:40.
I had breakfast at the hotel and was at LM by about 10:30.  The first person I saw was Augusto so we started playing chess.  As soon as I sat down I saw Bob, by himself, having an Empanada.  At 1:30 I ordered a couple empandas and Cokes for us for 8mil.  We finally stopped playing at 8:30pm when all the restaurants were closed, they were putting away the tables and chairs and they had dimmed the lights.  The final score was 14 wins for me, 2 for Augusto.  I asked Augusto if he knew where I could buy a chess table and he said downtown and he wrote down Center Coltejer Avenue - Beach.   I just googled it and the tallest building in Medellin is the Coltejer building in El Centro at La Playa Avenue & Junin.  (La Playa is Spanish for beach so that makes sense.)

Since I didn’t have any dinner I stopped at Fresco Pan and managed to buy a slice of ham & cheese pizza just as they were closing.

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