Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Last night I watched the 2010 movie Nine Dead (5.4) After locking nine strangers in a cellar, a hooded madman announces that he'll slay one of them every 10 minutes until they uncover their mutual link.”

I went to bed at 11:15, realized I forgot to close the window louvers and the blinds but was too lazy to get up, woke up at 6:15 and got up at 6:45.

I had coffee and croissant at Los Mejores then stopped at the Tinto store for another cup of coffee.  Today there was another attractive young lady working in the store that looked close enough to yesterday’s young lady that I’m pretty sure they are sisters.  A little while later a middle aged woman came in with a man – they kissed so they are probably husband and wife and she looks enough like the young ladies that she is probably their mother.  I haven’t seen Maria or her lawyer husband since these “strangers” showed up yesterday and I’m starting to think there is a change in ownership going on here.

I was at LM reviewing my tournament games – mainly to verify that I recorded them correctly.  I obviously missed some moves so I going to have to take some time to try to recreate them.  

I was packed up and leaving at 10:30 when I ran into Augusto who wanted to play.  We played maybe 16 games and he won only one.  Augusto had to leave at 2:20 to get back to work.  As I was packing up my things Dario stopped by and said “hi” before meeting with a couple of friends at the next table.

At 3pm I had a chicken grilled sandwich, fries and Pepsi at Burger King for 13,900 (with coupon) followed by a small strawberry sundae for 1700 (with coupon).

As I was getting up to leave it started pouring outside; I waited 10 minutes but it didn’t stop so I just walked home in the rain.

In Chess Magnet School I was promoted to Defender.

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