Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Due to one of the dogs barking almost non stop, I didn’t fall asleep until after I took a 3rd sleeping pill at 3am.

Teresa woke me at 6:15, I took my shower and had a quick breakfast.

I checked the US movie releases and I would like to see Kingsman: The Secret Service (8.3) and maybe Everly (5.1).
Based on 126 user reviews and 123 critic reviews on, Fifty Shades of Grey got a terrible rating today of 3.3 out of a maximum of 10. One reviewer said “Overall, it was a terribly acted, plot-less, non-romantic nor drama movie about a girl being horny and the guy doing an attempt of bondage masochism, which comes down to.. soft-core.. almost nothing different than normal sex with bondage.. boring shit.”

Locally, everything is playing too late for us to see anything after today’s doctor’s appointment.

We were out the door by 7:15 and got past the killer dogs undetected.

At Don Carlos’ house I saw the doberman but he didn’t seem interested in us at all – maybe because he wasn’t on his own property.

We met the neighbor down at the highway with a Styrofoam box.  He got on a bus and 5 minutes later we were on a bus to Caldas.  We got off and quickly were on another bus to Medellin.  Downtown Caldas a pretty young lady got on wearing a short white dress and sat across the aisle from me.

We got off at El Poblado and for 10mil took a taxi to Torre Medico next to El Tesoro.  We were there 45 minutes early and Teresa told me she hadn’t had any breakfast so we stopped at O-Cake again.  They had about 6 magazines sitting on the counter for customers to read and 5 of them were in English.  I picked up the February copy of Rolling Stone and read part of an article about Pope Francis and another about how the US exports their global warming resources.  We each had an empanada with coffee for me and hot chocolate for her for 14,352.

We took the elevator up to the 6th floor, checked in at the desk, paid 2,500 pesos and took seats right outside Examination Room #4.  A few minutes later the door opened and there stood a pretty young lady with an older man.  The latter left and another man went in.  This time she didn’t close the door.  A few minutes later the man left and the lady called my name.  What?  My Urologist is a woman?  

We went in and sat down and right away I explained I only speak a little Spanish and asked if she spoke English.  (She’s an attractive woman of about 35 with a pretty face and very nice figure.)  She didn’t reply right away and Teresa started talking to her.  At one point she finally tried to talk to me in English.  With my helping her I believe we managed to answer all her questions.  I noticed a plaque on the wall that said she has a degree in psychiatry.

She led me behind the curtain where I saw an examination table.  I undid my pants and started to lie down.  She told me to drop my pants and my underwear.  I dropped my pants and lied down and she helped me pull down my undershorts.  While she was putting on her glove and lubricating her finger I had the thought that maybe I should have taken a Viagra to impress her.  Then again it was probably better I didn’t.  Lol.

After it was over she told me she thinks something else is going on other than just an enlarged prostate.  She wants me to continue my Tamsolusin, have another PSA blood test and also a Cistoscopia Trasuretral (sp?).  As usual it isn’t easy to read a doctor’s handwriting.

We took a taxi to MBE for 10mil where I picked up the 2 bottles of Mega Men Prostate & Virility from GNC for which I paid another 16,500.  I also picked up my January Chess Life magazine, my Social Security 1099-R, 2 different 1099-Rs for my Sears pension and my monthly receipt for same.  I also paid 36mil each for my February and March rentals.

We took a bus to Envigado where we waited in Nueva eps for awhile.  I now have an order for another blood test this Monday from 6-9am.  I also have the other appointment for next Friday the 20th for the other thing.
We took a taxi down to the highway.  After a short wait we were on a bus back to the finca.  We got past the killer dogs undetected.

Teresa questioned why I pay so much money to MBE each month for magazines that I throw away and other things that she thought were junk mail.  I explained to her that 1st, I don’t pay for my monthly magazine because I became a life member years ago, I read it, sometimes remove pages I want to keep for reference and then throw away the rest; 2nd, I received my 2014 1099-Rs that I explained I need to pay my taxes on April 15th; 3rd, before I started renting a box with MBE I wasn’t receiving any mail, perhaps because I wasn’t home when they attempted delivery.

I did a little online research and found per WebMD, Cystoscopy is a test to look at the inner lining of the bladder and the tube from the bladder to the outside of the body (urethra). The cystoscope is a thin, lighted viewing tool that is put into the urethra and moved into the bladder.
A cystoscopy can check for stones, tumors, bleeding, and infection. Cystoscopy can see areas of the bladder and urethra that usually do not show up well on X-rays. Tiny surgical instruments can be put through the cystoscope to remove samples of tissue (biopsy) or samples of urine.
Cystoscopy also can be used to treat some bladder problems, such as removing small bladder stones and some small growths.

Teresa called me into a meeting she was having with Laura and informed me she wants to major in Psychology at the university.  I didn’t understand much of her concerns and asked her to wait until my brother is here to translate.

I reminded Teresa that Vicky still owes me another 250mil.

Teresa told me she is going to wait until after my brother leaves to begin her first painting class.

We continued watching Quigley Down Under, only delaying it from 8 to 9 to watch Master Chef.

We finally finished the movie at 10pm, I took my sleeping pills and we went to bed at 10:30.

T-shirt of the day: Risque.

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