Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

I slept well last night finally waking/getting up at 8:30.

Whenever we leave the finca we try to catch Peter and shut him in the backyard shed because he tends to follow us down to the highway.  I entice him with half a dog biscuit and then reward him with another when we finally get back and let him out.

We left the finca at 1:10pm.  The killer dogs gave us a hard time but didn’t come out from behind the fence.

We only had to wait a couple minutes before we caught a Jerico bus to Envigado.  Once again the driver was nice enough to drop us off right next to Home Center.

Teresa exchanged the cans of paint and picked up a few other things for 23,500.  She also wanted to buy a curtain and hang a shower rod but I told her I’m sure my brother would rather shower in the other bathroom that has hot water – at least not cold, so we skipped buying that.

We walked over to another Nohelia next to Exito where Teresa spent the next 90 minutes getting a manicure and pedicure for 26mil (about $12).  While she was doing that I went next door to Exito to buy garbage bags.  While I was walking down one aisle I checked their toasters and they have a nice Black & Decker model for 81,900 ($35).  I asked a young lady where I could find “bolsas para basura” and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I tried twice more being more careful with my pronunciation but it still didn’t work.  I picked up a nearby package of cookies, pointed to them and said “bolsas plastico” and repeated “para basura” and finally she caught on.  I picked up a package of 6 garbage bags and paid 2mil but had to wait in line for about 10 minutes to pay for them.

We took a taxi to the highway and the driver turned on the radio and I heard I Can See Clearly Now which was originally done by Johnny Nash of Chicago.

While we were waiting for the bus, Teresa really surprised me when she told me that the lady who did her nails is a transvestite.  I never would have guessed; she looked completely feminine to me.

We quickly caught a Jerico minivan back to the finca.

As we were walking down towards the neighbor’s house he and his wife were walking toward us with the doberman at their feet.  (By the way, he was wearing the “t-shirt of the day”.)  The dog started to get aggressive but they controlled him.

Back at the finca Teresa cancelled her doctor’s appointment for tomorrow.  For some reason she wants to reschedule it for a Friday.  

I checked and Friday is my 9:30 appointment with the Urologist in Torre Medico, El Tesoro C.C. (Carrera 25A #1A Sur 45, 6th floor).  I believe this is the same building where Teresa had her breast exams.  If I understand the printed information his fee will be 12,510 pesos (about $5.30).

I took my sleeping pills at 11pm and we went to bed at 11:15.

T-shirt of the day: How hard can you blow? – Double Bubble

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