Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!  I understand he saw his shadow so YOU will have 6 more weeks of winter.  Lol!

I got up at 8:30am.

We left the finca at 11:30 and the killer dogs went crazy but didn’t come from out behind the fence around their finca.

After only a couple minutes we caught a bus to Aquacatala.  From there we caught a Circular Sur 303 bus to Calle 19 and it was a short walk up to Immigration.  Almost no one was waiting, they quickly gave me my Cedula, I signed for it and we were ready to leave.  I asked them where I could get my Cedula copied and laminated and I understood they didn’t want to hear that.  

When we left and were walking down to Avenida 80 Teresa asked why I wanted to have a laminated copy.  I told her if someone steals my fanny pack with my real Cedula inside then I have nothing.

Teresa told me Vicky will meet us at Viva CC at 3:30 with my money.

We took a taxi to Viva CC, I took cash out of my checking account, and made my medical insurance payment.  There weren’t any deposit forms there but I still made it.  I guess all you need now is to give them the information they need in any manner.  Then Teresa led me into another room in the bank where I understood she talked to one of the officers.  I still don’t know exactly what she did.

We each had the Chicken Mandariyaki and soda at Sarku’s for a total of 33mil.  I asked Teresa if she wanted to talk to someone at Exito about a trip to San Andres and she told me she wanted to talk to someone at Avinca airlines.  I told her there is an office across the street but she wants to stop at one in Envigado.

I gave her 5 mil so she could buy bandaids for bruises she was getting from her shoes and I walked down to the Golden Palermo Hotel where I found it would cost my brother 152mil (about $64) to stay for one night.

 I met her back at Viva CC then I walked over to the corner store where I added 20mil to my cell phone.  I noticed they are remodeling Redd’s, the bar on Avenida 80.  I walked about 3 more blocks to a paper store where I hoped to buy more note pads but they were closed – maybe forever.    
Coming in through the back way of Exito I noticed they have the large bottles of liquid soap for sale.  I explained they don’t always have it for sale so I bought a bottle along with a couple packages of gum for 12,010.
Teresa called Vicky again and we learned her husband is in Rionegro so we’re going to get the cash on Wednesday or Thursday.

We took a bus to Aguacatala and after a short wait we got a direct bus to the finca.  We got past the killer dogs undetected.

Laura brought home the epm electric bill of 79,983 that we will pay tomorrow while we are in Caldas.

I gave Laura 100mil to make the February payment for the exercise machine tomorrow.

T-shirt of the day: Peace.

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