Thursday, December 26, 2013

Inventive Jobs in Colombia

Here’s one Expat’s opinion of inventive jobs in Colombia.
Soystar1: Here's my top three jobs in Colombia that are a credit to their inventiveness and I did not know existed until I lived here.  1. Standing in line for others to pay a bill.  2. Umbrella people when it rains and they expect to be tipped to walk with you from the bus to the centro commericial.  3. The guy who waves to you to park your car on the street and then backs you out of the parking space. :-)

#1 I didn’t know existed.  #3 I have seen where a guy will help hold up traffic and guide you into a parallel parking space.  He will also help hold up traffic to allow you to pull out into traffic.  The same guy will probably also have an umbrella (#2) and can hold it over you and the misses to or from a restaurant and your car.  It may be only a few yards but can keep you from getting drenched; especially those times when you’ve left your umbrella in the car and there is a sudden downpour.

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