Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Last night I left the apartment at 7:30pm for the 8:40 start of the Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions game.  That should be plenty of time, right?  I caught a Circular 302 bus at 7:40, traffic was pretty good and I got off at Monterrey CC at 8:15.  On my way up Calle 10 I stopped and bought an empanada for $1 at Comodismos (sp?).  I noticed that a Dogger (hotdog) restaurant across the street had Monday Night Football on.  When I got to the northwest corner of Parque Lleras I walked on a different side and found a large bar/restaurant that also had the game on.  I was at Patrick’s 10 minutes before game time and since they had the game on a large screen on their patio I decided to sit outside tonight.  (It wasn’t particularly cool (haven’t had rain in about a week) but I had a long sleeve shirt on just in case.)

I finally tried their Chicken Thai and it was pretty good.  That, along with 2 Cokes and a tip came to 28,600 pesos ($15.05).  I left an extra 4mil tip.

The best thing is that the Baltimore Ravens beat the Detroit Tigers 18-16 on a last minute 61-yard field goal. Now the Chicago Bears are alone in 1st place, ½ game ahead of the Packers and 1 full game ahead of the Lions.  (There were a couple of fans in Ravens jerseys sitting behind me cheering for their team.  They thought I was cheering for the Ravens when actually I was cheering against the Lions.)

I was back at my apartment my midnight.  I went to bed at 12:30, got up twice during the night and finally woke/got up at 7:20.

I had breakfast at Panaderia Los Mejores on Calle 35.  Damaris wasn’t there; she should be on the afternoon shift now.

I stopped at Viva mall and took some cash out of the ATM.

I left the apartment at 9:20 and as I was nearing the corner I saw the Simon Bolivar bus going by.  I raised my hand to signal I wanted a ride and was surprised that, even though he had already passed me, he stopped.  I was downtown about 10 minutes early and it had already been raining downtown for a while based on the puddles I saw.  Reina arrived right on time.  

First we went looking for a pair of jeans for me.  We stopped at a couple places and finally went into a large hidden mall where 90% of the stores were selling jeans or t-shirts.  The first place we tried didn’t have Levi’s and didn’t have anything smaller than a 34 waist.  The next place I finally found my size – 32 but when I tried it on I found it had buttons instead of a zipper.  Apparently most jeans here use metal buttons.  Finally we were sent to the right place where I found a pair of size 32 waist jeans with a zipper.  The brand is CHX – CHEVYMAX JEANS and they cost me about 46 mil.  I still have to take them to be altered because they are too long.

At my brother’s request, we went to the place where I had previously exchanged USD ($) for COL (Colombian Pesos) so I could write down the address.  In the same area, while I was making a small withdrawal from an ATH ATM my cell phone rang.  I handed it to Reina and after I had finished I asked her who it was and she said some woman asked for me but then hung up.  I told her about meeting Olga and that I wasn’t interested in her.

We stopped at a place to have my picture taken and the lady there told Reina I need to wear a blue shirt.  Let me see if I understand this correctly: a white man with white hair and a white beard and moustache wearing a white t-shirt against a white background.  They probably wouldn’t even be able to see me!  Lol.  We agreed to come back on Thursday.

We had lunch in a mall we’ve been in many times before.  We shared a chicken dish with French fries and Cokes.  My portion had BBQ sauce on it and hers didn’t.  I don’t remember how much it was but it was tasty.

While waiting for our food she told me she was in America with Jim and Angela for a month last October.  I asked her where she got her passport and visa and she said Bogota.  She took a bus there and her first plane ride back.  She didn’t like the bus but she appreciated the quickness of taking a plane.  She stayed in Arkansas although she couldn’t remember the name of the town.  She enjoyed the US and was surprised by the fact that: few people have pets, there are very few pedestrians and little honking of horns.  She was impressed by the Halloween costumes some people wore.  Apparently she impressed some men with her long black hair, dark hair and slender build.

At 12:15 we decided to take a taxi to Oviedo for the 1pm showing of Deadfall.  Traffic was awful, it cost about 9mil to get there only to have them tell us there is no 1pm show.  We took another taxi to Jumbo on Calle 44 to see it at the Carrefour theater.  This time we were there 30 minutes early.  

Of course we had to check out the pet store.  They have several cute puppies.  I looked for another bottle of hand soap like I have in my bathrooms now but we didn’t find it.  We stopped at Mimo’s and Reina had a plate of ice cream for 5,900 and I got a small cone for 4,100.  We both had the same ice cream – like vanilla with chocolate chunks and nuts.  It was delicious.

I bought 2 general admission tickets for 6mil each for the 2:45 show at Carrefour.  We bought a small popcorn and medium Pepsi.  There were only 6 other people in the theater.

We both enjoyed seeing it together but then she had to head home because she has to do something with her mother.

I had a small coffee and pastry with some type of filling at Fresco Pan but Andrea wasn’t there tonight, another young lady was.

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