Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Last night I watched Inside Job on Netflix.  Everyone should watch that movie as a reminder of what happened during the real estate bubble that burst in 2008.  And to appreciate how little things have changed since!
I went to bed at 11pm and right away heard firecrackers so I put in the earplugs.  I got up once during the night and finally woke/got up at 6:30.
www.weather.com says its only 61 degrees this morning going up to a high of 76.  It does feel cooler.

I picked up a small bag of milk for my granola for breakfast.

At 8am my plan was to order lunch to be delivered today, have a glass of orange juice and be at Exito when they open at 8:30 to buy a few necessary items before the Christmas Eve rush of people.

When I got to Likkes I found a different woman there than usual so I had to explain everything from the beginning.  She didn’t take down my address but Laura was there and she knows the location of my apartment.  The woman who sells orange juice wasn’t there; not sure if I was too early, it was too cold today or it had something to do with the holidays.  I was at Exito at 8:15 and was surprised to find it already open.  I picked up the few things I needed (bath soap, toothpicks, Trident gum) and at checkout gave them my Cedula number for accumulating points.  Some stranger’s name came up on the register so I gave him my Exito card and then my name came up.  Maybe I have to use my Exito card until I get a regular Cedula, not a temporary.  That’s probably after I become a resident after 5 years here.

Olga, the house cleaner showed up at 9:20.

11:55 and some guy just came up the street selling step ladders.  He had 8 of them in a large cart.  Luckily they are aluminum so they are light - but I don’t think the cart was.

My lunch order arrived right at noon and by 12:20 we had finished eating.
Olga finished cleaning about 1pm.  In confirming the next cleaning for 2 weeks from today apparently January 7th is a holiday so we agreed she wouldn’t come back until 3 weeks from now on January 14th.  I gave her a 20mil tip and wished her a Feliz Navidad.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen regarding food tonight and tomorrow.  Are restaurants closed early for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  (Maybe I’ll be having Chinese food and listening to the staff singing Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra like in the movie A Christmas Story.)  I’ll soon find out!

I just got a text message on my cell phone: “Showers until late December”.
4:45 and it rained lightly for about 5 minutes.

About 5:30 I was in Viva CC and since I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry yet I decided to sit and read some from my Nook.  At 6:30 I happened to look towards the food court and noticed that there was almost no one there.  Uh-oh.  Yes, the restaurants were all closed or closing.  I immediately went into Exito to their food area and bought a hamburger deluxe with Pepsi for 10,900 ($5.74).

7:30 at night and Exito was still pretty busy, especially people buying food.

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