Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Woke up at 4:20 this morning to a hard rain that lasted about 15 minutes.

Today Reina and I are supposed to clean the refrigerator.  Last week when Reina’s sister was here she was going to help clean the refrigerator but she wanted a 15 mil tip.  I didn’t think that was right, coming from a relative, and I didn’t have the 15 mil to spare so I told Reina no and now I’m going to clean it.

I took out everything from the shelves.  Reina took a large empty butter container and put soap and water in it for me.  I washed down the shelves best I could but the bottom shelve had butter or something stuck to it real good.  I decided I should use some hot water this time so I poured out the old soap and water in the utility sink and asked her where is the soap?

She started telling me something about how I was cheap because I wouldn’t pay her sister to do it.  I yelled at her “Where is the soap?”  I don’t remember if it was in Spanish or English.  All I wanted was the soap so I could finish the job but it seemed like she had another agenda – to prove that I couldn’t do the job correctly and that I should have paid her sister to do it last week. 

To make a long story short, we got very mad at each other through trading emails.  Keep in mind it is hard to understand exactly what she is saying because she doesn’t use short sentences and the translations aren’t perfect.  For example, one of her emails, via Google Translate:
You did not have to yell like that. I do not like the screaming and you're a rude man and I noticed in these two months when II speak to you you try to ask angry very easily and do not like and last mind these very cranky if you do not like toilet just wanna tell me your help and do not want to give money to someone else to clean the refrigerator.  I do everything here. you can also wash your underwear.

Anyway, I went down to Exito and withdrew the last 100mil from my checking account and when I got back she asked me to lend her my keys because she wanted to go for a walk.

Things have been a little frosty since then.

5:45 we went to Exito and bought 56,228 pesos worth of food.


  1. Tell the relatives the National Bank of Terry is closed until further notice.!!

  2. LOL... I guess I am not only one who has the same thought...

  3. I've been expecting something like this too.

    Atlanta, Ga