Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Typical night, I’ll spare you the details.

I happened to notice on the Spanish TV news the Colombia soccer team arriving at the Tampa airport and being greeted by fans.  I imagine if they arrived at an airport in any other state in the US nobody would know who they are.  Lol.

Teresa informed me that Esmeralda is coming over tonight and they are going to the new mall.  I told her I would probably go with them.  (I think there are some areas I haven’t seen and I might find someplace for a café con leche.)

Laura was contacted by a woman from Brighton, Massachusetts who has 1-year old and 3-years old girls.  Laura answered her right away and I believe they are going to talk soon via Skype.

Teresa left the apt at 9:45 for a 10am gym class.

It looks like they planted some sod on this side of one of the walkways in the park behind the library.

Wow! We’re only supposed to have a high of 74 degrees today.
Laura heard back from the mother and they are going to have a Skype conversation at 3pm.

I want to see A Simple Favor (7.2) which is playing in Viva Envigado at 8:20 but it’s also playing at Vizcaya at 4:50pm.  I don’t think I want to be leaving the theater at 10:40.

After lunch I thought we were going to go look at apartments but Teresa said she’s too tired.  I told her to stop going early to the gym if she’s going to be too tired later to look for apartments; that IS our priority right now.

Teresa and I were taking a nap about 2:45 when Laura came in and informed us that she talked to the mother and she speaks Spanish.
Today is one of the rare days that it actually feels cold; it’s probably about 70 degrees with an expected high of only 76.

I soon got up and at 3:30 Laura left with me for eps.  We took our umbrellas because there was a light rain.  At the front counter Laura gave the girl my Cedula and appointment slip.  We were sent upstairs and we took a seat with others.  It was nice that since it was such a cool day it didn’t feel stiffling inside.

After a 5-minute wait I guess my name was called and we went into one of the consultation rooms.  A 30-something woman was the doctor and she reviewed my blood results and as I expected they were much improved.  She said to keep taking the cholesterol medication (I ran out about 3 weeks ago), she gave me 3 months of prescriptions and told me to come back in 3 months for more tests (blood pressure?).

We left and Laura went in search of a banana before going to the gym.  I went to Todo Drogas where I bought the cholesterol medicine for Teresa and I for October.  At $efecty there was no line to pay the Direct TV bill.  Uh-oh.  As I removed the bill from my tech bag it shredded.  I had put it in my bag with my wet umbrella and now it had come apart.  I gave pieces to the cashier along with the 200mil and he stapled the receipt to it.  I was a little more careful as to how I stored it as I left. 

I was thinking of going for café con leche but first I called Teresa and learned that she was at Mimo’s on the 2nd floor of the new mall Viva Envigado.  I told her I would be there in 30 minutes.

I stopped at the copy center on the way back to the apt and had a few things printed from my memory drive and made 2 copies of our Union Libre papers.

I returned to the apt and dropped some things off and exchanged my small umbrella for my large umbrella.  I walked down to the mall and walked around the inside ring of the mall and finally took the only offshoot I found (towards the metro) and there I found them – Teresa, MT, Esmeralda and her youngest son Alejandro. 
After they allowed me to rest for a few minutes we went upstairs to the 3rd level and walked around.  We stopped at a small café called Café Arango opposite the new car display.  I put 2 tables together and we all had coffee and pastries.  Wow! I had the best carrot cake I’ve found in Medellin.

I received some texts from Laura and one was that she had been contacted by a 2nd family from the US – this one from Seattle, Washington.

I asked Laura if she was going to join us for the movie tonight.  She said yes and she would soon be leaving the apt.  I told her where we were sitting and when she showed up she said she was contacted by a 3rd family this one from outside San Diego.  (What is this au pair day?)  She wanted something to eat more serious than a pastry so she went for a Subway sandwich.

I took the opportunity to go to the theater and I bought 3 general tickets for 3,750 each.  (The only remaining preferred seating tickets were all on one side.)  I am now 4 visits short of getting my Platinum card.

Back at the café I understood that Esmeralda and Alejandro wanted to join us for the movie.  I told them that today is half-price Tuesday so it only costs 3,750 pesos for a general seating ticket.  I went with Alejandro back to the theater and we found 2 seats still available next to ours.  He bought them but they came up as 5,000 each.  I told him I forgot that I get a discount with my Cine Colombia card.  He had them cancel the tickets and reprint with using my card.

Back at the bakery it was getting close to 8pm and Laura hadn’t returned so I texted her to meet us at the theater.  I paid the bill of 51,800 pesos.

At the theater, lines were long for each of the 8 open cashiers at the concession stand.  When we got up to our turn I saw that the popcorn bins were empty and employees where actually catching popcorn in their buckets as it was being popped.

Finally at 8:35 we had our snacks and headed to theater 9.

As we settled into our seats the movie was already in progress.  It was very good with a number of plot twists.

It was over at 10:30 and when we came out I wanted to look at the new Platinum area.  A young lady gave us a tour – they have 4 screens that show special movies only for Platinum card holders.  One example was abour Queen and Freddy Mercury.  She showed us their special room where (like the special room in El Tesoro) you can order food from your seat.  The only problem is it appears that these are quite a bit more expensive.

I ducked quickly into the 4D theater and saw seats moving to the new Venom movie.

As we were walking out of the mall workers were busy buffing the floors.

Joke of the day
One day a kid went to school and the teacher said, “For homework, I want you to find out the difference between ‘hypothetically’ and ‘realistically’.”
So the kid went home and asked his father, “Dad, what’s the difference between ‘hypothetically’ and ‘realistically’?”
His father replied, “Ask your mother if she’d sleep with somebody for a million dollars.” The son sort of looked at his father funny, but proceeded.
“Mom, would you sleep with someone for a million dollars?” The mother replied, “Well son that is quite a large sum of money…but I think I would.”
So the son went back to his father and said, “Dad, Mom said she would do it, but I just don’t understand what that has to do with ‘hypothetically’ and ‘realistically’?”
The father replied, “Don’t worry about it just ask your sister if she’d do it.” Reluctantly the boy went and asked his sister. She replied, “A million dollars? OF COURSE I WOULD DO IT!!”
So, the boy returned once again to his father saying, “Dad, she said she’d do it too, but I still don’t understand what that has to do with ‘hypothetically’ and ‘realistically’?”
The father replied, “Well son, HYPOTHETICALLY we’re sitting on two million dollars, but REALISTICALLY we’re living with a couple of whores!”

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