Thursday, October 25, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I got up once during the night and finally woke up but didn’t know what time it was because Teresa had mis-pressed my watch and changed it to the timer.  I got up and found it was 7:20.  I gave Teresa a quick lesson on how to illuminate my watch at night without pressing the “mode” button.

Teresa left at 8am for her gym class so I just had granola for breakfast at home.  Optionally, I could have gone to Carbon de Leña.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the Today show and left for the gym.  On the way I saw workers building a bicycle parking station on our street.  Today I realized I had forgotten my water bottle.  I had left it in the freezer so I texted Laura: “I forgot my water bottle.  I left it in the freezer.  Please move it to the refrigerator.”  I still noticed some “creaking” in my left hamstring.  I completed all my exercises in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

As soon as I arrived back at the apt I checked the freezer and found the bottle was still there – frozen solid.  I explained to Laura what I had asked her to do.

Teresa got off the phone with someone (probably the agency) and informed me that I have to put 1.900.25.000 in their account today.  First I asked why not 1,750,000 as agreed and she explained that I have to pay the agency’s commission for the first month.  Then I questioned the number itself because if it’s a little less then 2 million pesos then there should be exactly 7 digits.  Then she wrote 1,90025 and I again said there has to be 7 digits.  To try to help her I wrote 1,900,025 and she agreed.  Then she had the nerve to comment “I thought you were a mathematician.”  I thought about that (the number) for a minute and then I asked her if she has 25 pesos.  She finally said 25mil not 25 pesos and I wrote 1,925,000 and she finally agreed that that was correct.  Whew!  (Now you can see why I control the finances.)

Then she tells me I have to tip the woman who rode all around looking at apartments for us.  Teresa said 10% and I wrote 192,500 and after Laura checked it on her calculator Teresa agreed.  No problem.

Teresa told me the owner said we could start moving in on October 28th.  Since that’s football Sunday we’ll probably start the next day on Monday the 29th.  I believe our current lease isn’t up until Saturday November 3rd so we shouldn’t have to be in any great hurry.

I noticed the Vikings play the Saints Sunday night at 7:20.  I emailed Chuck if he would like to have dinner at Sport Wings in the mall and watch the game.  I promised I wouldn’t root against the Saints.  (Later he responded that that would be a good idea.)

I sent myself a little more than 2,000,000 pesos using World Remit.  Wow, I got 3,055 pesos for each dollar.

Laura and I left the apt about 2:30.  I was hoping the bank wouldn’t be as crowded today because it isn’t the first of the month.  As we walked inside I could only see the first row and it was empty so that was encouraging.  I took my number and when we got around the corner no one was waiting and our number was up on the screen to be served next.  I quickly got my cash and we went outside to the deposit machine.

When it came time to actually put the cash inside it reopened and gave back about 50mil and asked me to reenter it.  I guess it didn’t like the bills for some reason.  After we repeated that several times the machine cancelled our entire request, gave the cash back and we had to start all over again.

We started having the same problem again when Laura reminded me that last month the cashier made the deposit for us.  We decided to try once more and if it didn’t work we would go back inside to a cashier.  This time it worked.  To reward Laura for helping me I bought her some yogurt ice cream at a nearby stand.

Back at the apt I took a 45-minute nap while waiting for the ladies to go to the agency.

We walked down the hill to the agency where we met Wilson and I signed several pages of documents, put my fingerprint on each and they took my photo.  Wilson (co-signer?) and Teresa did the same.
We then walked up the hill to the Notary where we got some papers stamped and I paid a fee of about 36mil.

Teresa returned to the apt and I stopped at the bakery for a café con leche.  I called Chuck but unfortunately he had been there earlier.
Back at the apt Teresa told me she tipped the girl that found our apartment 100mil.  I understand she was very happy to receive it.

Teresa is already packing up stuff.  I understand she has a bag of clothes to give to her friend Ana Maria.

At 8pm Ana arrived, picked up a bag of clothes and was gone by 8:15.  Unfortunately, she arrived with a box of something and frogot to take it with her.

Teresa told me that Wilson will pay 300mil for our exercise bike.  I said “fine” as I just want it out of here.  Right now it just serves as a clothes drying rack.  Teresa called Esmeralda and she might pay 500mil but in either case they will be paying little by little.

I asked Laura when she will start her driving lessons.  She said she was waiting on me to tell her when I have the money.  I said I could pay today, I could pay tomorrow, in fact I could have paid yesterday so schedule it already.

Joke of the day
Husband takes the wife to a disco.
There's a guy on the dance floor doing unbelievable moves - break dancing, moon-walking, back flips, everything.
The wife turns to her husband and says: "See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down."
The husband says: "And it looks like he's still celebrating!”

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