Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Another typical night’s sleep.  (I thought maybe my sleep would be affected by the Coke I drank late last night and the fact I skipped my melatonin pill and procedure, but nope.) I woke/got up at 7:45.

I understood Teresa was going to look at 3 apartments while I was at the gym.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the Today show and left for the gym.  I completed all my exercises in 2 hours.

When I returned to the apt Teresa was all excited about an apartment she found.  From our current location it’s just down the hill and around the corner facing the newly remodeled little park.  She says it’s on the 2nd floor, with 4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms.  She says the rooms are very large and she especially loves the large kitchen.  I understand it’s about the same price as we’re currently paying.  Also, we can start moving things in as early as October 20th although I have to pay November’s rent by October 25th.  I told her that should be no problem. 

We left the apt and met an agency woman at the apt at 3:30.

The apt is old or a better description is probably old-fashioned.  It has 2 large bedrooms and one small bedroom that isn’t much bigger than a walk-in closet.  It has 3 bathrooms including one done in pink; how nice.  There are separate dining and living room areas with a large raised area adjacent to both that I understand would be my area for my computer/chess table.  It includes a small balcony and a garage space under the building.  She loves the large kitchen but I don’t see that it’s much larger than the one we have now.  It does have a working stove top and a hot water heater.  I don’t think the apt is anything special but Teresa is excited so that’s most important.

We all went over to Bocados Bar where Teresa filled out the paperwork for the application.  Wilson led me to a copy center in the little mall where I got my Cedula printed 150% larger and printed my last 2 months’ bank statements.

Now it appears there is some misunderstanding regarding payment.  I naively thought we would be getting 7-10 days free and I wouldn’t have to make another payment until December.  Now it appears I will somehow have to pay for those days.  I don’t want to pay each month on the 25th of the month since I get my SS about the 1st of the month so I’ll probably be paying separately for 6 days to the end of October and then make the first monthly payment the 1st of November.  Teresa is afraid someone else might grab the apartment in the meantime so she’s going to talk to someone at the agency tomorrow.

I think I forgot to mention there was no charge for my doctor’s visit yesterday.

Tomorrow The Wife (7.4) is playing at Viva Envigado at 6:20 and 8:50.  I think, I hope, we’ll see the earlier showing.

In the evening we had some light rain.

Teresa and I were both very tired so we went to bed early at 10pm.

Joke of the day
A huge muscular man walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender hands him the beer and says, “I want you to know I’m not gay but I have to compliment you on your physique, it really is phenomenal!  I have a question though, why is your head so small?”
The big guy nods slowly. He’s obviously heard this question many times. “One day,” he begins, “I was hunting when I got lost in the woods. I heard someone crying for help and finally realized it was coming from a frog sitting next to a stream.
So I picked up the frog and it said, “Kiss me. Kiss me and I will turn into a genie and grant you 3 wishes.” So I looked around to make sure I was alone and gave the frog a kiss. POOF! The frog turned into a beautiful, voluptuous, naked woman.
She said, “You now have 3 wishes.” I looked down at my scrawny 115 pound body and said, “I want a body like Arnold Schwarzeneger.” She nodded, whispered a spell, and POOF!, there I was, so huge that I ripped out of my clothes and was standing there naked!
She then asked, “What will be your second wish?” I looked hungrily at her beautiful body and replied, “I want to make sensuous love with you here by this stream.” She nodded, lay down, and beckoned to me. “We made love for hours!”
Later, as we lay there next to each other, sweating from our glorious lovemaking, she whispered into my ear, “You know, you do have one more wish. What will it be?”
I looked at her and replied, “How about giving me a little head?”

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