Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Last night I remembered to take my medicine on time (1/2 hour after dinner) but still was up twice during the night.  I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30 but fell asleep quickly and again right after each time I got up.  I feel so much better this morning.

Before I left the apartment I checked different sources to see what “banana” is in Spanish: 1 said it’s “banana” and the other said it’s “Platano”.  At Exito they had 2 different vegetables that looked like bananas: 1 called Platano Verde and the other Platano Maduro.  I know verde is green in Spanish (which it was) and the other was yellow but I was pretty sure there is a different word for yellow in Spanish.  I bought the Platano Maduro for 360 pesos or 20 cents and when I got it home it tasted like a banana.  Yeah!  I then tried a reverse translation and Platano translates as “banana” but “Platano Maduro translates to Plantain.  Go figure!  I also bought my milk and a small booklet to keep track of my workouts with the dumbbell.  The booklet is almost the same as the Composition Books I used to buy in Walgreen’s in the before school sales 4 for a dollar.  This one cost me 4,300 pesos ($2.39).  I wish I had brought a few more with me.  It’s what I use to record some Spanish words I learn and keep addresses, etc.

I also tried finding some small index cards in Exito but was unsuccessful.  Next week I’ll walk around the neighborhood and see if I can find some at one of the numerous paper stores in the area.  I did find one of my old index cards so I have something to show them.  Otherwise I might have to wait until I visit Carrefour or go downtown for them.

Yesterday before the electrician came a workman from the building tried to fix the electrical problem in the 3rd bedroom.  In doing that I had to shut off the circuit breakers and now the clock on my microwave is reset to 00:00.  I have the instruction manual but because it’s in Spanish it might take me a while to figure out how to reset it.  

Well, that was easy!  Luckily I had previously translated all of the buttons on the control panel and written them down in the manual.  “Reloj” is Spanish for clock.  It just took a few tries to reset the timer.  Yeah!

The main drapes in the living room are about 7” above the floor - a little short.  I tried to lower them by moving the curtains to a lower place on the rod but wasn’t successful at that.  The next time Jesus is around I’ll have him lower the curtain rods about 3 ½“.

I would love to meet a woman who speaks some English.  She should also have more than a high school education, have a job, and any children should be grown and living independently.
The only women I have met thus far that talked to me in English I met in Mall of Laureles. Toward that end my plan is to "camp out" at Laureles Mall on the weekends hoping to meet someone.  I also joined but thus far the couple of ladies I found are seeking someone younger and haven't returned my signs of "interest".  If I haven't made any progress by the end of May (5 weekends) then I will go to plan B. 
Plan B: When I visited here in June I met another lady, she doesn't speak English either, but she's 50 years old, never married, has no children, went to Technical school, and says she is a manager.  Sounds like an improvement.

So I took my iPad and headed down to Laureles Mall about 1pm and had lunch at Gordog’s.  I had the small order of ribs, with a small salad and French fries, and a large coke for 13mil ($7.22).   

Later I had an ice cream cone for 3mil ($1.67).
Frisby’s has an interesting children’s meal called FriSnacks.  It’s served in sort of a cardboard cone with a soda on the bottom with a straw coming out and fries and chicken strips on top.

Starting raining lightly about 4pm (and got noticeably cooler) and just continued throughout the remainder of the day, finally stopping later about 8pm.  

I finally left about 5pm for home to change clothes and come back for dinner.

Because it got so much cooler I decided to have dinner inside so after going back to the apartment and changing into jeans, short sleeved shirt, and shoes I went to the nice restaurant Il Forno in Viva Mall.  It was nice that they had a menu in English.  (I had forgotten that nicer restaurants often have a menu in English.)  I had Mandarin juice (4100 pesos;$2.28), a serving of rolls (3mil;$1.67), an iced tea (3mil;$1.67), and meat lasagna (13,500 pesos;$7.50), 2,183 pesos tip for a total of 25,783 pesos ($14.33).  I noticed they have an inexpensive Caesar Salad; think I might try that next time  I took my time while I watched the soccer game between Medellin and Itagui (a neighbor town).

While watching the game I noticed a commercial was for Office Depot.  I Googled it and its address is Cra. 43 A #1A SUR - 175, Carrera 43A about 9.7km or 22 minutes away.  Seems like a long way to go for some index cards.  I think I can combine that trip with the next time I’m in the area of Parque Lleras.

So my total outlay for meals today was about $25.  Right on budget!

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