Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

I’m going to spare you from my sleeping habits from now on unless something unusual happens.  Needless to say I often have trouble getting and staying asleep.  Last night wasn’t much different than usual.

Teresa told me we are out of gas in the kitchen.  She called someone named Felipe and ordered a new canister.

I made waffles this morning.  I’m getting better at putting enough mix together for 3 people and putting it in the waffle maker so it doesn’t overflow.

The Terriers went crazy when Felipe came down on his motorcycle with a gas cylinder tied on the back.  I paid him 40mil for the new canister and the Terriers went crazy again as he left.  Because he has to go uphill from here it took him more time and the Terriers were constantly hasseling him.  If I understood correctly Laura said Peluche bit him.

I gave Laura 5mil for bus fare and she left at 10:25.

Teresa and I left at 12:20 and I had 2 dog biscuits with me.

At the neighbor’s, the dogs barked, the puppy came out and the others stayed behind in the bushes.  I gave the puppy half of one of the dog biscuits.  After he finished that he followed us and I gave him the other half.  Teresa told me to give him the other one which I did.  The problem was that then he started following us down the path.  We stopped at Don Carlos house and Teresa talked to him for a few minutes.  He has a large dog that finally came out and that scared the puppy away.

I was thinking we would take a direct bus to the La Estrella metro station, the metro to Expositiones station and a taxi from there to San Diego.  But Teresa had another idea.  We took a direct bus to Envigado and a taxi to downtown.  We waited at our usual bus stop but after 10 minutes didn’t see any bus that would take us to San Diego.  Teresa talked to someone and then we walked around to the other side of the block.  While there we saw a bus that goes to San Diego, it didn’t stop for us but it did turn the corner to where we had just been waiting.  We went back there and 15 minutes later we finally were on the bus to San Diego.  Teresa said we had lots of time so we weren’t in any hurry.  (We would have saved at least 30 minutes if we had gone my way.)

At San Diego CC we stopped at the store (Bon Bonito?) where she bought the purse.  I guess something didn’t go right because I believe she left with just a store credit.

I stopped at a pharmacy in the mall and bought another box of 14 Soklon sleeping pills for 65,410.

We took a Circular Sur 303 bus and were at Viva CC 35 minutes later.  First I went upstairs to pick up a few deposit forms but found Bancolombia was closed.

We picked up a few things in Exito including another box of dog biscuits and 2 bags of chocolate chips and Teresa paid for it all (about 60mil) using her Bancolombia debit card.

At that point it was 4pm and Laura should be getting out of her class.  I convinced Teresa that instead of waiting for her in Viva CC we could walk to Jhon’s office and possibley meet her on the way.  After all, the pizza place was the other side of Jhon’s office.  In the park I asked her to continue on to Jhon’s while I recharged my cell phone at the corner store.  Once again I saw the same man greet me like I was a long lost friend.  I met Jhon, Teresa, and Laura on the way to his office.  He said he was going to meet some lady at the park.  We discussed his coming to visit at the finca and he said he wanted his first visit to be a short one – just one night.  So, I believe he will come back next Saturday with Laura and leave the next day.

The 3 of us walked another 5 blocks to Pizza Americana where we ordered a medium pizza with double cheese and oregano on my half and pineapple on their half.  It was 23mil, we each had 2 slices and Laura even enjoyed one of mine.  It also included a 1.5 liter bottle of Colombiana but we didn’t even finish it.

We walked down to Avenida 80 but the paper store on the corner, where I hoped to buy more notepads, was closed.

A Circular Sur 302 bus was waiting for us, traffic was reasonable and we were soon at Aguacatala station.  After a short wait we caught a direct bus to the finca.

Laura was ahead of us coming down the trail so she set off the killer dogs just before we got there.  It was already dark but luckily they seemed to be all behind the fence but once again the puppy came out to greet us.  After all the awwing and oohing they asked me to give the puppy a dog biscuit.  I tore through two plastic bags, took the top off the cardboard box and with some effort managed to get through the wax paper protecting the biscuits.  I gave one to the puppy and we headed down the hill with me hoping he wouldn’t follow us and get trapped by the Terriers.  We got all the way down to the finca before we saw the Terriers.

I broke each of my 14 sleeping pills into thirds so now I have 42.

I took my sleeping pill at 10pm and we went to bed at 10:45.

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