Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Once again I had trouble falling asleep so I quickly got up and took another sleeping pill.  I got up twice during the night, finally waking/getting up at 9am.

I gave Teresa a break from cooking and just had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Teresa put me on the phone with a friend named Claudia who invited me to visit her.  I asked where she lived and she said “Buenas Aires” (sp?).  I knew she meant the barrio of Medellin but I replied, “Argentina?  Do you live near the beach?”  Everyone got a good laugh over that.

Teresa watered the plants on the porch of the finca and Peter went crazy again playing in the water.

Teresa mentioned her brother’s birthday is on the 20th so I told her I will have been here for 2 years on that date (this Tuesday).

I received the news that the Chicago Bears hired a Special Teams Coordinator – Jeff Rodgers.

I settled down with my peanuts and Pepsi to watch the Packers vs Seahawks game but was disappointed by the result – the Packers won rather easily.

Laura came back at 5:30.

Oops. I reported that final about 5 minutes too early.  I thought it was going to be a 19-7 win for the Packers but the Seahawks scored a touchdown, recovered an onside kick, scored another touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion to go ahead 22-19.  The Packers came back with a field goal to tie it up 22-22, taking it into overtime.

In overtime, the Seahawks scored a touchdown on a long pass to win 28-22.  Yes!  Can you tell I despise the Packers?

Teresa made popcorn, we watched Crash and then started Home Alone 2.

Teresa went to bed at 10pm, I took my sleeping pill at 10:45 and went to bed at 11pm.

T-shirt of the day: Football.


  1. For you sleep problems, try Zipicloma. Its very inexpensive. You can buy at any pharmacia. No side effects. I stock up every time I go down.

    1. I finally noticed your reply. I thank you for the advice and will check it out.