Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

I got up twice during the night, the last time being 3:30, after that I couldn’t get back to sleep.  The alarm went off at 5am and when I woke Teresa she said 5:30 or 6am.  I reset the alarm for 5:45 and just rested, not being able to get back to sleep again.  I looked at my cell phone when I thought it might be about time for the alarm to go off I found it was 5:35.  Teresa was obviously awake so I told her the time and she said there will be too many people in the bus station so we will go another time.  I know I asked her “another week”? and she answered “yes”.  

I went back to sleep, finally waking up at 9:20.  I gave her the phone so she could call her friend.  She said something about going there later – today?  I told her no, I’m not going anywhere, and I wanted to go back to sleep for another 5 minutes.  I got up at 9:45 and while having cereal at the table again she brought up going to see her friend later and I told her now I don’t plan on going to visit her today.

I know there exists a communication gap but sometimes it seems her plans change with the wind.

After breakfast I talked to her about going to Envigado Exito today and ordering the washing machine.  If I have any money left in my “daily allowance” we can pick up a few other necessities.

I finished Patricia Cornwell’s 279 page All That Remains and downloaded her 276 page Cruel and Unusual.

We left the finca about 11:30 and got past the killer dogs undetected.

We quickly caught a Jericho minibus to Envigado but all the seats were taken.  Again, the only way I could stand upright was by standing down one step at the front entrance.  The driver didn’t like it and we both ended up sitting down in the same spot but Teresa learned in a few minutes why I couldn’t do that a few weeks ago because it just go too damned hot.

We walked over to La Bahia where we first met and had a nice lunch for 18mil.

We walked across the street to Exito where we picked out a washing machine for 1,299,900.  It was a Honeywell and I told Teresa that it was the only company I was familiar with (outside of the LG, Samsung and Haceb they sell).  The saleslady told us it’s made in Chicago.  The one problem is they don’t deliver so Teresa first has to arrange for someone to deliver it for us the day we buy it.

We walked around Exito and finally found a couple pairs of shorts for me in sizes 33 and 34.  We waited in line with other men and women to use one of the changing rooms.  While waiting I observed the saleslady removing all the cardboard and pins from 2 shirts that the man in front of me wanted to try on.  They have a large changing area with about 20 rooms down a long hallway for both men and women.  Interestingly, the two size 34 shorts fit perfectly but the size 33 was so large I was able to remove them without unzipping them.  We also found a couple t-shirts for a total of 217,600.

I took some cash out of the ATM machine, gave Teresa 500mil for food for the 1st half of the month and then we walked over to Wilson’s bar and Teresa spent some time talking to Martha.

I understood from the conversation that he had Teresa’s Direct TV bill.  I asked if we could go get it because I wanted to be sure the 150mil we paid last Wednesday was the amount we owed.  

We walked over to the apartment building and first Teresa stopped at a woman’s apartment to ask about massages but she wasn’t home.  Then at her mother’s apartment she found the Direct TV bill and several Exito bills from July through October.  The Direct TV bill was for a total of 292,726 and dated December 15th so we paid 150,000 of that last Wednesday.  I was sure the Exito bills were old but Teresa wanted to know for sure so we stopped at Exito so she could talk to someone there.  Yes, we are still paid in full.

We bought a few things for 34,990 that Teresa paid for out of her food budget.  We took a taxi to the highway and luckily caught a Salgar bus right away.  It was a new bus with comfortable seats and it was almost empty.  We were back at the side road within 30-35 minutes.  

Walking up the end of the side road we saw the killer dogs at the top like they were waiting for us.  They were gone by the time we got there until we got nearer the neighbor’s house.  Then we were accosted by the doberman and 2 of the other type of dogs.  The Dog Repeller kept the other’s away but once again the doberman was hyper aggressive and I needed a few shots of pepper spray to keep him away.

We made popcorn and shared a 600ml bottle of Coke and finished watching Phenomenon and then started watching Twilight Zone: the Movie but the latter isn’t very good thus far.

I got an email from my daughter that she received her Christmas gift card.
I took my sleeping pill at 10:15 and we went to bed at 11pm.

T-shirt of the day: Private bitches parking area.  More information below.

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