Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

I fell asleep quickly, got up once at 3am, again about 6am, finally waking/getting up at 9am.

The Bears have signed a Defensive Coordinator – Vic Fangio from the SF 49ers.

I did some research online on the Slingbox.  There are several models – the high end of the line being the Slingbox 500.  As I understand how it works, I would have it sent to my son in Chicago, he would hook it up to his TV, and when he was sure it worked with their remote, he would send it to me so I could watch Chicago Bears games on my TV using the cable box connected to his TV.

At 5pm we had a thunderstorm come through with a little rain.

I downloaded Internet Speed Tracker for free and a test told me my download speed is only 2Mbps (below average).  One of the reviews complained that the Slingbox wouldn’t work with speeds as slow as 200-500 Kbps so I should be ok.

(BTW, I just learned that Mbps is megabits per second and MBps is megabytes per second.  Since there are 8 bits in a byte a speed of 2 MBps is 8 times faster than 2 Mbps.)

I’ll run the test again tomorrow when there isn’t any rain and Laura isn’t here also using the Wi-fi.

Teresa informed me the sink in the back bathroom doesn’t work so someone will be coming out Sunday to fix it.

We continued watching Hang ‘em High until 6:45 when she took a nap until 7:20.  We finished that and then we watched How Stella Got her Groove Back.

Before we went to bed, Laura asked me something about a young man wants them to take his 2 cats and would that be a good idea.

T-shirt of the day: I’m really a mermaid.

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