Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

I slept through the night, waking up once at 4:20.  I got up once at 6:10 when the Terriers were going crazy.  I looked out the window in the front door and saw 2 of the killer dogs in the bushes opposite the finca.  I pointed the Dog Repeller at them and pushed the button and they ran away, followed by the Terriers.

I finally woke/got up at 7:15.

I received an email from Amazon that my moccasins have shipped.

We left the finca about 9am and waited 15 minutes for a bus to Caldas.  While we were waiting, a lot of men rode by on bicycles, very slowly due of the slope of the road.  Many of them say “buenas dias” as they ride by.  I said the same to one guy and he replied in English “good morning, I’m fine, how are you”.  Lol.

In Caldas I think we got off the bus at a point much further than usual so we had a longer walk than usual to Merkapaisa.  We bought our month’s worth of food for which Teresa paid 432,056.  We even picked up a quart of vanilla ice cream to try with the waffles some morning.

One of the baggers took our cart filled with food outside and over to the corner where he repacked it all into two large bags, except for the large container of eggs.

Walter, the taxi driver, arrived 5 minutes later and the bagger loaded the two large bags into the front seat.  Teresa and I, with the eggs in my lap, got into the back seat.  We stopped a few blocks away where Teresa got out and bought a large bag of dog food for 83mil which should last for about 6 weeks.

He drove to the side road and all the way to the top of the hill where I opened the barbed wire gate.  I got back in the car and he drove right past the killer dogs stopping only when he got to a spot 50 yards from the finca where the path is full of large rocks.  I carried the eggs and Walter made 3 trips for the bags of food for us and the dog food.

Teresa gave him 24mil for the trip and his efforts.

I was watching the Spanish news and saw what looked like a fireworks factory exploding somewhere near Bogota.

I checked the MBE website and I see I have more “documents” that are “in transit”.  I’m guessing this is my annual SS statement of my benefits amount showing this year’s COLA minus my withdrawal for taxes.

I tracked my monthly expenses for December in a spreadsheet while I had the NFL playoffs on this afternoon.  Only problem is the broadcast is only in Spanish.  For the first time the expenses I tracked were reasonably close to reality.

T-shirt of the day: I win, you lose.

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