Saturday, November 3, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

Last night we were so tired we went to bed at 10pm.  I got up at 3am and 6am, finally getting up for good at 6:15.

The apt includes an on-demand hot water heater so I took a hot shower for the first time in almost 2 years.  I turned on the hot water and at first I thought it wasn’t going to work as it took 20-30 seconds for the water to heat up.  I turned on the cold water and it took a few tries to get a decent temperature balance.  Then after a few minutes I lost the hot water completely and it was freezing. 
(Not sure if any one else had just turned on the hot water or if that’s going to be the limit for a shower.)  One nice thing is my shower space in the old apt was like 3’ x 3’ and this one is more like 6’ x 3’ actually allowing me to step out of the stream of water.

We left the new apt at 7:30 and I happened to notice a Une guy standing by his motorcycle.  I called to Teresa and she talked to him briefly but I don’t know what she learned.

We took a taxi to the old apartment and I noticed my clothes, umbrella, and few other things are gone.  Obviously they are in one of the bags still unopened in the new apt.

The ladies were cleaning the apt and waiting for Esmeralda to arrive to take the exercise cycle.  I noticed the chess table was still there.

At 8am Jairo arrived and packed up the exercise cycle and chess table and a few other things.  They delivered the chess table to our new apt and continued on to Esmeralda’s place.

At 8:30 Une arrived and 3 guys quickly installed the router on my desk.  I did a speed test using and I got 8.87 download and 2.01 upload.  The Une guy then cabled my computer direct to the modem and I got 10.21 download and 2.10 upload.  Mucho mejor!

They left at 9:15 and we walked the 10 minutes to Aymara for breakfast.  I had a waffle with strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream and a café con leche.  I didn’t care for their coffee, it tasted instant; I’ve had much better here.

The ladies continued on to the old apt.  I made an atm withdrawal, paid Direct TV, my health insurance and the gym.

I went down to the real estate agency to deposit the 200mil.  The pretty lady working there told me she also needs the October utility bill I paid.  I told her that it’s in a box in my apt.  She said she needed it with the 200mil.  I asked if I couldn’t just bring the October receipt with the receipt for November when I pay it at the end of the month.  She said she needed it now.

I walked back to the new apt in 18 minutes, got the October utility bill receipt and back for another 18 minutes arriving 5 minutes before they closed for lunch from noon to 1:30.

At 12:22 I talked to Laura and she told me direct TV is coming at 1pm.

I walked back to the old apt and waited for Jairo to pack the last few things.

Teresa says she will reschedule the direct TV appointment to Monday because there’s too much running around.

After another delivery to the new apt, at 2pm we walked to the same restaurant for lunch.  Now it was clear that the digging in the street is another bicycle parking area.  I see them all over Envigado now.  Now all they have to do is increase their bike lanes.

Laura told me her Au Pair papers are now at the embassy in Bogota.  We discussed whether she should fly or take the bus.  She said the cost is about the same.  I asked her how much and she said she would check the internet.

It started raining again.

At 3:30 we took a taxi back to the old apt to sign some papers.
Teresa soon told me she found a cellphone in the back seat of the taxi.  It’s a J2 Samsung Prime that’s so new there was nothing in it – no photos, no apps, no contacts, no recent calls, nothing.  Since there is no way she can contact the owner she’s going to keep it.  (Later I googled that the J2 Samsung Prime was released in November of 2016.)

Laura told me she would need some supporting information from me for her Au Pair visa.  I told her I would get her a copy of my passport page & bank statements – hopefully that would be sufficient.

At 3:30 the real estate guy arrived and he spent 40 minutes inspecting the apt.  I can’t believe the great job Teresa did in repairing and cleaning the place – to me it looks the same as the first day we walked in 2 ½ years ago.

At 4:15 we walked down the hill to the agency in a light rain.
On the way down the hill there is a little garage type store that sells what looks like cupcakes.  Right next to it is a house that I believe someone moved into in the last couple months.  The door was open and as I glanced over I saw about 8 young girls in makeup and dressed up like it was a modeling agency or for a photo shoot.
At the real estate agency while we were waiting for the papers to be signed Chuck & Nardelly walked by.  They had just visited the mall and we talked for quite some time.  Chuck and I decided to meet outside Otra Parte on Sunday at 12:15 and we’ll take a taxi to Parque Lleras to see my Chicago Bears play the Buffalo Bills.  This should be an easy win for the Bears.

Outside the agency I was too tired to walk back to the apt.  I’ve noticed my calves are real tight with all the walking I’ve been doing.  I think I should cut back or eliminate all the work I’ve been doing on the Calf Press machine.

Back at the new apt we continued unpacking and setting up things.

At 8pm we ordered burritos from Frisby and we were eating dinner at 9pm.  Strangely, one side of my burrito was tasty with lots of BBQ sauce and the other side was dry and tough to chew.

Among new US movie releases I would like to see Bohemian Rhapsody (8.4).  Locally, I would like to see Bohemian Rhapsody (8.4) playing in the Viva Envigado IMAX theater at 6:20.

Just before we went to bed at 11pm it started raining again.

Joke of the day
Reasons for Sensitivity Training for Men:
The wife suggested I get myself one of those penis enlargers, so I did.  She's 25, and her name's Kathy.


  1. Terry, is your on-demand hot water heater gas-fired or electric? IF it IS gas-fired then it may have simply blown itself out while you were showering.

    To elaborate on how I know this: Years ago I stayed with a group of other students in an apartment in Guatemala for six weeks and our floor had a gas-fired on-demand hot water heater. It was great to take a hot shower since the area was always rather chilly in the mornings, and so was the water. But after a few minutes if we had the hot water turned on too fast the unit, in trying to keep up with heating the water, burned faster and faster and eventually ¡foof! just blew itself out.

    We could hear it when it did that and eventually figured out that we had about seven seconds 'til the now cold water made it thru the pipes and reached the shower head.

    We learned to listen while showering and to quickly turn the water off if we would hear the unit blow itself out. Then someone would have to go and relight the pilot light on the unit.

    We finally discovered how fast we could turn on the hot water faucet to not make the unit blow itself out.

    Just FWIW . . . .


    1. It is gas but since we never re-lit it i guess that wasn't the cause. since it was the first time i used it maybe i set the temp up too high and the unit couldn't keep up with the high volume of water passing through. I seem to recall that same problem with my 1st apt in Laureles.

  2. Yeah, she certainly deserved it. She always works hard, even more so during this move.