Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

Last night I fell asleep quickly, only got up once at 5am, finally waking/getting up at 7:30.

We were out of milk again so I had to make an early morning run to the corner store.  I think I’d better by 3 bags of milk every Saturday instead of 2.

This morning I finally finished my Welch’s grape jelly and opened the jar of Knotts Berry Farm strawberry preserves.

Teresa is heading to the finca today.  I understand the slide lock on the new gate isn’t flush with the other side so it doesn’t work.  She talked about buying a chain while I recommended she get the man who installed the gate to fix it.

I completed all my exercises in the gym in an hour and 50 minutes.

Laura texted me that she’s going with her grandmother to get her hair done and she would let me know when they are finished.
Later Laura texted me she’s still with her grandmother so I should go to lunch alone.

I left the apt about 1:15 and walked the 20 minutes to Papa John’s where I had an individual Pomodoro pizza with a large Coke.  I took my time and then walked to Bartolos where I had a limonada de coco for 6mil.

I was back at the apt by 5pm and Teresa was already there.

I spent more time studying chess openings and tactics.

T-shirt of the day: Run like you got a pair.

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