Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Teresa woke me up at 6:45.  I asked her if I should take a shower first or have breakfast.  She said to have breakfast and after I saw everything had been returned to the bathroom I understood she stayed up after Laura left and cleaned the bathroom and perhaps wanted to wait a little longer for the floor to dry.

She told me for the first time she saw a large spider and she motioned with her hands the size of a saucer.

She informed me we’re not going to Caldas to purchase things this morning.  Sigh!  We’re going to wait until Saturday, buy them in Exito and Walter will help us get them back to the finca in his car.  I just wished she could plan these things a little earlier instead of at the last minute.  Perhaps Walter wasn’t available today.

So today, as I understand it, we’re leaving the finca about noon, going to Envigado where Teresa will get her hair and nails done, we will take a bus to downtown Medellin where we will catch a bus to the airport for my brother’s 5:28pm arrival.

Teresa took a nap from 8 to 9am and I took a nap from 9:15 to 10:15.
I checked the US movie releases but there isn’t anything new I want to see.
Locally, I would like to see Taken 3 (6.1), Jupiter Ascending (6.0), The Theory of Everything (7.8), Birdman (8.1), and especially American Sniper (7.5) & The Imitation Game (8.2) but only Fury (7.7) is playing at a decent time at Mayorca CC (the closest theater).

I still haven’t received the documents from the lawyer.

We left the finca at 12:25 and were challenged by the killer dogs.  I gave 2 dog biscuits to the doberman and that kept him busy until we could get away.

After a 5 minute wait we were on a bus to Envigado.  She got her hair done at Nohelia for 31mil from 1:10 to 1:45.  We stopped at Heel Quick but her shoes weren’t ready yet.  We had lunch at La Bahia for 27mil and then walked up the hill where we picked up her hemmed blouse for 10mil.  

We took a bus to downtown Medellin then took a taxi to the bus stop behind Hotel Nutibara.  We just missed a bus to the airport but it might have been full anyway.  I was afraid they were going to wait until our bus was full before they would leave but with only 7 people on board we left at 3:45.  The price was still 8,600 per person (less than $3).

Outside the airport there was a fender bender just ahead of us involving 2 cars and a motorcycle.  The guy on the motorcycle didn’t appear to be hurt but he was taking his time getting up again.

We were at the airport by 4:50, 65 minutes after we left.

My brother’s flight was scheduled for 5:28 and the airport arrival sign said it was on time so we had coffee and shared a pastry for 10,500 near the exit doors.  I noticed they had a charging station for cell phones, etc. next to us.  I asked a lady at the Tourist desk about flights to Bogota and she said LAN, Viva Colombia and Avianca fly there but I would have to talk to the airlines themselves for details.

At 5:15 I asked Teresa if she would like to watch his plane land so we went upstairs and sat next to the large windows where we could see the planes take off and land.

By 5:45 I started getting a little nervous so I asked Teresa to stay there while I went downstairs to check on his flight.  As I walked outside the restaurant I noticed an arrival screen which indicated that his 5:28 scheduled flight arrived early at 5:10.  I grabbed Teresa and we hustled down 2 levels to the arrivals area.  I didn’t see Jim so I had Teresa wait there as I ran outside to make sure he wasn’t already getting on a bus to Medellin.  Back inside he showed up 5 minutes later.

We caught a bus to Medellin but we realized we could have taken a bus to San Diego CC and been closer to Sabaneta.  The bus driver dropped us off at the top of a bridge and I had no idea where we were but he stayed until a taxi with a trunk large enough for the suitcases stopped to pick us up.  

The taxi driver dropped us off at Wilson’s Bocados Bar in Envigado where we had a few drinks after meeting him and his girlfriend Martha.
Wilson's Bocados Bar

My brother's drink of preference.
Wilson & girlfriend Martha
Wilson, my brother Jim, and Martha

We took a taxi to Hotel Porton in Sabaneta.  We checked in with our Cedulas and passports and were taken to our rooms.  The room was a little stuffy so I put on the air conditioner.  After brushing my teeth I saw Teresa still in her clothes under both sheets already wrapped up in the bedding with the extra blanket over her.  She asked me to turn off the air condtioner which I did.  When I got into bed there was only one sheet left for me which at that time was enough.  I woke up during the night and during a trip to the bathroom I noticed there was only one towel on the rack so I made a mental note to call the front desk for another one tomorrow.  Back in bed the single sheet wasn’t enough so I took my shirt and put it over me.

T-shirt of the day: You gave your life to me softly.

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