Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

I slept pretty well last night.  

I still have a little burning sensation when I pee.

I didn’t make waffles this morning because we are in a hurry to get to Envigado for the Exito sale.

Teresa and Laura had words with each other.  I understand Teresa isn’t happy with Laura’s obsession with her cell phone.  I think it might be affecting her schoolwork.

The three of us left the finca at 10am and I only had to give one dog biscuit (large) to the doberman.  Teresa stopped at Don Carlos’ house and we gave his wife 100mil for his cleaning the garden.  After a 5 minute wait we were on an express bus to Medellin.  It’s obvious now that the green field we saw is a soccer field as it is now striped and they are putting up fencing to enclose it.  Laura stayed on the bus for Aguacatala and Teresa and I got off behind the Home Center in Envigado.

At the Exito I understood that Teresa was looking for blouses and jeans for herself, and shirts and slacks for me.  Most of the clothes sales (on selected items) were buy 2 items and take 4.  While she was in the women’s department I settled down to read my Nook book only to find that the battery wasn’t charged enough to be able to open it.  Sigh!

I told Teresa I would be back in 20 minutes and I looked for hanging files and a box to store them in.  It didn’t take long to realize they don’t sell them.  I sat in the food court for 15 minutes and then went back to Teresa.  I got her a small cart for the 2 blouses she had found and then I told her to meet me in the food court when she was done shopping for herself.  About 30 minutes later she met me in the food court and we went to find things for me.  We finally found 4 short sleeved shirts for me in medium and large sizes.  Of course they were the typical stripes and plaids so popular in Colombia.  As we got in line to check out, for some reason, Teresa decided she didn’t want her blouses and she left them in the cart.  As we were checking out I understood the checker found that one of the shirts wasn’t on sale so after 2 hours of searching for clothes, Teresa left everything behind except for the 2 packages of Extra gum that I had picked up.

Often there is a Quick Learning English booth set up inside Exito.  Sometimes I say “hello” as I’m walking past but I have yet to get a reaction from anyone.

We walked across the street and had lunch at La Bahia for 21mil (about $8; Teresa had a 2nd bowl of their pasta soup).

After waiting a while Wilson finally met us in Exito.  He bought an eliptical exercise machine that appears to be very similar to ours, for 780mil.  Teresa put it on her credit card but Wilson gave me the cash for it with instructions to wait until April to pay it off.  (I don’t really understand why they are doing it like that.)  Wilson paid 10 mil for its delivery and then 2 young men carried the 2 largest pieces (he took the one small one) the 2 blocks to his apartment.

We went back in to Exito and Teresa found 4 more shirts for me which cost me 84,800 pesos (about $32).  Not bad, 4 shirts for an average of $8 each.
We then bought some food items for 55,680 that Teresa paid for with cash.
We took a taxi to the highway and were quickly on an express bus to the finca.  Arthritis has started bothering my left wrist again.  I had difficulty with 2 bags of groceries in one hand and having to steady myself as I was getting off the bus.  We got past the killer dogs undetected.

Teresa compared each of the new shirts to my old ones and believes that one is too small for me and will have to be exchanged.  She also had the good idea that we can take each of my long sleeved shirts (that probably cost me something like $70 apiece at Macy’s in Chicago) and have them made into short sleeved shirts.

We finished watching Boys Don’t Cry (7.6) and then watched Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (7.8).

I searched Craigslist in Chicago and found a guy in Lake Forest selling dozens of Bankers Boxes for $3 each.  I’ll look him up if and when I get to Chicago this summer.  I only need one!

At 10:10 I took my last Ciprofloxacine and 2 sleeping pills and went to bed at 10:30.

T-shirt of the day: Expect nothing.

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