Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friday, March 6th, 2015

I think I only got up once during the night.

We left the finca at 8:25 and I paid the doberman 3 dog biscuits.  (The last one was at the encouragement of Teresa.)

We had to wait 20 minutes for a bus to Caldas.

On the way to the school I saw a number of horse and riders, some trotting beautifully.  I also saw a man with a cow.  As we were approaching the school we passed about 5 boys hiding behind a truck smoking marijuana.

The name of her school is Jose Maria Bernal and we arrived at the auditorium 5 minutes early and it started at 9:40.  There were dozens of parents in attendance and what appeared to be several teachers giving presentations.  That ended at 11pm and then Teresa and Laura met separately with two of the teachers until about 11:40.

When we left the school I looked at the piece of paper she was carrying and I understood Laura was doing badly in mathematics, physical sciences and another subject.

We stopped at a nearby restaurant named La Canoa (the canoe).  We all ordered lasagna which they didn’t have so we all switched our orders to different types of spaghetti.  While sitting there we were all surprised to see a young girl walk by with beautiful blue gray eyes (and brown hair).  The food arrived and we all agreed that what we had was mas or menos (so so).  (I’ve never had peas and pieces of carrot in my spaghetti with meat sauce before.)  The total was 60mil.

I was finally able to take cash out of the Bancolombia ATM near the main square (park) of Caldas and I gave Teresa her food money for the month of March.

We spent probably an hour in Merkepaisa where Teresa filled two carts with products.  The total came to 395,411.

Walter wasn’t available so we used a private driver named Edgar for the first time.  We stopped at a small pharmacy in town where I paid the electricity bill of 92,731.

When we got to the side road to the finca his car couldn’t get past the first turn closest to the highway.  He backed up and tried again unsuccessfully.  He got out and asked me to sit in the front seat probably because he has front wheel drive but I kiddingly asked “are you trying to tell me I’m fat” and they both had a good laugh.  This time he made it all the way to the top where I opened the fence.  While he looked ahead to see if he could drive further, 3 of the killer dogs appeared but just watched us.  He didn’t have confidence he could go further so between the 3 of us we divided everything up and carried everything down in one trip.  I gave my last dog biscuit to the doberman and he just followed closely behind me.
Teresa gave Edgar 20mil for his troubles.

I took a nap from 4 to 5:30 and Teresa joined me for the last 30 minutes.
Afterward I asked Laura to show me what she’s working on in mathematics and I understood it included absolute values and inequalities.  I showed her some of the notes on my laptop with examples, problems and solutions.  I asked her to try the problems herself and we would see what she needs help with later.

I gave Laura 60mil for her English lesson tomorrow and 10mil for buses.

I checked today’s US movie releases and Merchants of Doubt (7.1) sounds interesting.

Locally, Unbroken is playing at Los Molinos today at 2:50pm so maybe we can see it at the same time tomorrow.  I understand Teresa wants to meet Vicky there tomorrow to buy some face cream from her.  I showed Teresa the trailer for it and she wants to see it also.

I reviewed Laura’s most recent English lesson 6 with her.

I took my sleeping pills at 10:25 and went to bed 10 minutes later.

T-shirt of the day: United States Postal Service.

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