Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Today I got pretty much caught up on my blog; I just can’t post them until I get wi-fi working again.

I started taking all my notes and converting them to index cards.  Teresa thought that was a great idea.  I hope soon to buy a few file folders and a storage box for them at the Office Depot in Laureles to hold payment receipts and warranties.

Teresa questioned me about who I played chess against in the tournaments I played in Medellin last year.  When I read the names off to her she told me that Laura’s father was a chess champion.  Supposedly, he won (at least one) a tournament in Medellin.  She insists that I go back to playing tournaments at the stadium.  I told her my concern as to where I would sleep afterwards when tournaments end late and she replied in her mother’s apartment in Envigado.  I told her I won’t be ready to play in any tournaments until I get more practice.

We have 3 Pilsen beers left over from when my brother was here so I suggested to Teresa that she offer one to any man who stops by.  She told me that she’s going to take them to Wilson’s bar and exchange them for Club Colombias.

I took my sleeping pills at 10:15 and we went to bed at 11:15.

T-shirt of the day: Superdawg.  (Could this really be the same Chicago area Superdawg?)

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