Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Today is the day I get the roto rooter job done on my penis.  I wonder if they put me to sleep for that.

We left the finca at 9am and I gave the doberman 2 dog biscuits.  He followed us almost all the way down to the highway.

We had to wait 15 minutes for a bus to El Poblado.  I called the lawyer and told him I would be in El Poblado this morning for a doctor’s appointment and for him to call me ASAP if the documents arrive.  We took a taxi to Torre Intermedica where both of has had been a number of times before, both alone and together.  We were 30 minutes early for my 10:40 appointment so we stopped at Il Capuccino and had a couple of juices and shared a pan de queso for 9mil.  

When we checked in with the receptionist at the doctor’s office (Uroclin) they looked at my Cedula, confirmed my appointment then asked us to wait in the general waiting room for the floor.

We were finally called in and the assistant gave me a hospital gown, led me to their private bathroom and asked me to take off my shoes, pants, and underpants and put on the gown.  Teresa was with me up to that point.  I was then lead into the examination room and asked to lie down on their examination table.  The doctor spoke some English which helped.  The table had, not exactly stirrups, but leg supports.  After I put my legs in them, several times the assistant (she) asked me to scootch down.  (Why is it women who always go into this specialty?)  After that she lifted up the gown, sprayed something on my penis and then it seemed like she rinsed it off.  The doctor said my penis was now anestetized.  He had an instrument that looked like a tube about 2 feet long with a handle at the end another 12 inches long.  He inserted the instrument and I felt some pressure and had a strong feeling like I wanted to pee which he said was normal.  On a TV screen he showed me my prostate and urethra (actually I didn’t recognize anything) and said everything looks normal (no tumors and no stones) although the former is larger than usual.  Good news!  When he was finished he quickly removed the device and told me I might see a little blood in my urine today.  We went outside to the office and they gave me a prescription for Ciprofloxacino.  According to the internet “Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections.”

We went across the street where I paid 3,700 pesos for 10 500mg tablets which I am to take every 12 hours.

We took a bus downtown and Teresa told me the office where she wants to talk to them about her purse problem won’t be open until 2pm.  So we decided to use this time to have lunch.  I took her to the food court in El Union mall but she didn’t like the looks of it.

She took me a couple blocks away to the Camino Real mall and we went upstairs to their food court.  She had chicken with mushrooms and juice for 16,700 from Al Carbon and I had lasagna and a Mr. Tea for 14,200 from Kandila.

We walked a few blocks away to La Associacion de Consumidores de Medellin (The Consumers Association of Medellin) where I understand she filed a complaint about her purse with the Bon Bonito (sp?) store for 30mil.  That took about an hour.

We walked east to Avenida Oriental and a few blocks south where on a side street we caught a Caldas bus.  But we got off in Envigado and after a short wait we were on a minivan to the finca.  But it stopped for about 10 minutes at the Caldas bus stop where I slowly baked while we sat there without any air coming in.  Teresa got out to buy herself a beer but she came back with a Colombiana which we both shared.

When we finally got to the sideroad leading to the finca we saw a Caterpillar backhoe digging into the earth at the top of the hill above us.  (Teresa mentioned that Wilson owns land right above there.)  I guess they are working on the highway.

We got past the killer dogs undetected and I needed a shower.

After Master Chef (they had to make sausage and then cook lobster) I helped tutor Laura with her math.

I finished James Michener’s 767 page Space: A Novel and downloaded his 1,069 page book The Source.

Tonight it burns a little everytime I pee, because of all the abuse my penis has suffered but I’m sure that will pass in time.

Did I mention how the Colombian Peso (COP) has been increasing the last few months against the dollar (USD)?  When I came to Medellin it was just under 1800 COP per USD and today it closed at 2625.9 COP per USD.   That sure gives me a lot more buying power.

I took my sleeping pills and Ciprofloxacine at 10:20 and we went to bed at 10:45.

T-shirt of the day: Will work for food.

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