Monday, September 10, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Despite getting up twice during the night I slept well finally waking/getting up at 7:30.

At 10:30 I got my old tech bag out of my old suitcase that I keep in the closet.  I removed the security cable and other attachments to my laptop and stuck it in my bag.  If it was even a millimeter longer it wouldn’t have fit.  My new fan is thinner than the previous and it fit inside also.  But there was no room for the power, cable, mouse, and mouse pad, let alone the headphones.  (Remember I now have a different laptop than I originally arrived with.)  Obviously I need a bigger bag.  I gave up on that idea and went to plan B.

Teresa handed me some bills wrapped in plastic and I understood that Laura forgot to give some money to John Joseph so I’m to carry them with me and Laura will meet me somewhere and come and pick them up.

I walked downtown and found a bus waiting for me but it was another 5-10 minutes before it left the bus stop.  I got off at Parque Poblado and walked across the street to Envios Market where I picked up my September Reader’s Digest.  They also had a package for me which I’m sure are more vitamins I ordered but I didn’t want to carry them everywhere with me today so I asked them to hold them for me.

I walked up to Parque Lleras and was pleasantly surprised to find Patrick’s Irish Sports Pub open.  As soon as I walked inside I ran into Patrick.  I asked him to turn on the Bears game on his Slingbox which he did.

As soon as I got an internet connection I found out the Bears were not going to play most of their starters.  Groan!  (This being the 3rd preseason game it’s usually a dry run for the regular season.  I think Nagy, the new head coach doesn’t want to reveal his hand (new offense) before the season opener against the Packers in Lambough (sp?) field.)

Anyway, the Bears 2nd team offense and defense more than held its own against what I guess/hope was the Chiefs 1st team.

For lunch I had Irish meatloaf which came with mashed potatoes, and cooked broccoli and carrots.  Just as soon as I finished Laura arrived and she had a sandwich.  (I wasn’t planning on having lunch with her but luckily I had brought enough cash.)  I gave Laura the cash for John and she went back to work.  (I now understand that what she does is she goes around to various hostels and picks up visitors that have signed up for some tourist activity and she walks them down or over to Los Patios Hostel.)
The Bears played well and ended up winning 27-20.  The next and last preseason game is Thursday night at 7pm; I’d better have internet working by then.

I walked down to Avenida Poblado.  Normally I would take a bus from there but since I’m more conscious of how many steps I take every day I walked up to Oviedo mall.  Inside I went downstairs to Carulla and bought a can of the PAM cooking spray that I couldn’t find in Exito.

I walked across the street to McDonalds where I found an “island” set up for people to plug in their laptops.  It is set a little higher than a normal table but it has stool type seating.  (With no chair backs it probably isn’t very comfortable for long periods of time.  There was no one using it today though.)

In their separate room which is usually freezing I noticed a young man speaking English to an older man who had his back to me.  The older man was obviously Jewish as he was wearing a yalmuke (sp?).  I chatted with them a bit and learned that the younger man is Colombian and he is giving English lessons to the older man.
I ordered a Cappuccino Frappe and went to their outside patio.
In the corner of a patio I saw a young couple with their approximately 3 year old son.  The young man that looked like a gringo spoke only English to the boy and the young woman only Spanish.

My battery was almost drained so I didn’t stay very long.  (In the future I might want to bring my charger with me.)
Outside I walked across the street to Oviedo and immediately caught a Sabaneta bus.

When I got off in Envigado I made a trip to the ATM for my last cash for the month.  I stopped at the corner store and picked up 2 bags of milk.

Back at the apt my cell phone vibrated that it had a wifi connection but there is still no internet.

Teresa still wants to go for pizza tonight so the plan is to leave the apt at 7:30.

The plan for tomorrow is to spend the day at Santafe de Antioquia.
Laura returned at 7:15 and we all walked down the hill at 7:30, immediately caught a taxi and picked up MT at the next corner.  Pizza Antica was full and we got on a short waiting list.  After about 10 minutes a spot opened up and we were inside.  A slice of pizza and a drink for each of us came to a total of 60,000 pesos which is 15,000 apiece or $5.  Incredible!

We were back at the apt by 8:45.

Today’s Step Count was 8,687.

Joke of the day
Andy Rooney on Vegetarians.
Vegetarian - that's an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter".

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