Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Last I night I fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up until 5am.  Soon after I returned from my trip to the bathroom Teresa got up.  I figured I wasn’t going to get back to sleep so I got up at 5:30.  (Teresa is taking her mother to the heart doctor again early this morning.)

I checked online and found that the Buccaneers (the Bears next opponent) made a comeback last night but came up short against the Steelers 30-27 so they are now 2-1.

I left the apt just before 7:30, had breakfast at Carbon de Leña and was back at the apt before 8:30.  I took my vitamins, changed into shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and left the apt just at 9am.  (What’s strange is that I got a text message asking me for how I liked Carbon de Leña.  I remember the same thing happening after our visit to Mu last weekend.  Has someone been following me?)

I met Jose at the chess league at 10am.  First we both registered for the upcoming chess tournament for 65,000 pesos (about $22).  I had Black in our first game and he soon had an attack and I lost.  It was 12:15 so we went to lunch at Tropical where we both had the menu of the day for 10,500 pesos.  Back at the chess league I had White and I lost again.  Drat!

I walked as far as the Stadium station with him and we agreed to try to meet again next Tuesday.

I retraced my steps to the Envigado station where I bought a kilo of strawberries from a (different) guy on the walkway for 12mil.  He had a small scale and it read 1.96 pounds.  I told him there are 2.2 pounds to a kilo and he added some more strawberries.  (I knew the bag is usually so full that it is difficult to close.)  I let him get away with a little over 2 pounds so I could close the bag.

I got a table at Bartolos and I waited 30 minutes for someone to take my order for a coconut lemonade.  I hung around another 30 minutes using my cellphone.  At one point David, in passing, said “Nice to see you Terry”.

Back at the apt Teresa mentioned that her friend Ana Maria is coming for a visit on Thursday.  I asked her what time and she said “and what else do you have going on”?  I said I thought we would go to the notary and sign the Union Libre papers to make things official – we have been living together for almost exactly 4 years.  She agreed that we could probably take care of that in the morning.
Today’s Step Count was 9,688.

Joke of the day
Question: What's the difference between a Rottweiler and a Jewish mother?
Answer: Eventually, the Rottweiler lets go.

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